5 Setmore Alternatives that Use Big Data to Manage Appointments

Big data technology helps businesses improve the booking and scheduling process.

data-driven scheduling tools
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Big data technology has helped businesses improve efficiency in many important ways. Many companies are using big data to streamline many different aspects of their business. They use data analytics tools to improve financial management,

One of the ways that many companies are using big data is to improve the way that they manage appointments. They can use data-driven appointment management tools to make this process easier than ever. This is one of the biggest benefits of big data for customer service.

Data-Driven Booking Tools Make Appointment Management Easier than Ever

Nowadays, online appointment scheduling systems are becoming way too popular for many companies to handle . The Covid-19 situation changed the way many people sought to interact with businesses, so digital platforms have become a big deal. Businesses rely on these digital platforms to complete certain tasks with minimal frustration, which is why the online appointment scheduling platforms have become an important part of today’s world.

Similarly, Setmore is setting more of an example with its works. But there are undoubtedly other alternatives to setmore which work just in a similar way. Here are the five best setmore alternatives that use big data technology to aid with the booking process.

1.      Book Like a Boss

Book like a boss is one of the best online appointment scheduling tools that works as an all-in-one system. It works very well, due to the highly sophisticated data analytics and data storage algorithms that it depends on. You can save time with the use of this application and can organize meetings without any hustle. With the help of this software, you can send links to your BLAB page to get the available prospects so that you can get paid.

If you use Book like a boss, you will be able to import all the calendar entries and can even submit them directly through the software to the calendar. It can store substantial amounts of data on your customers and events. The app allows the feature of messages between the customers and the users. 

2.      Vyte. in

If you are searching for a cloud-based, data-driven software alternative to setmore, then you will have no other better application than vyte. in. You will be able to plan group meetings or one-to-one meetings with the help of vyte.in if you are a part of any small or medium-sized industry or organization.

It helps connect with the help of various IT services, digital learning, and marketing. It uses sophisticated data analytics algorithms to offer valuable features such as double booking rejection, automatic sync of time zones, and others. If you are using vyte.in you will get the benefit of integration of vyte.in with various calendar programs such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and others. 

3.      Traft

If you are looking for software which offers great business-to-business features, then there is nothing better than traft. With the help of craft, you can do tasks very easily, due to its wonderful data analytics and storage capabilities. Your clients will be able to schedule appointments even without even speaking with any of the workers.

The application always aims for businesses that are facing more towards the customer, such as sports arenas, hairdressers, gyms, and others. With the help of traft you can even hire freelancers from different areas. Freelancers such as photographers, housekeepers, and others. It has been claimed by traft that one can even use the application to enhance retention rates and conversions. 

4.      Sidekick Ai

Have you been searching for an AI-based application? Then, say no more. Sidekick Ai is known to be one of the best AI-based applications with some of the most powerful data analytics features available. It is such an application that helps to sync with Gmail and outlook to take the hustle of back and forth scheduling procedures. Isn’t it better? Thus, it helps take down the workload on you, allowing you to sit back and relax. You may call Sidekick Ai as your personal assistant.

That is how finely this application works. If you ever forward any meeting to Sidekick Ai without any hustle, it will book the meeting for you. That is a straightforward procedure, isn’t it? Customization is even available here in Sidekick Ai. You can prioritize contacts and even meet in your favorite places. But one thing you need to be careful about is that you will be offered only limited slots instead of being disclosed to a full schedule. 

5.      TuCalendi

With the help of TuCalendi, you will be able to integrate your calendar on the website. You will be able to plan various events and appointments in no time if you use TuCalendi. You can customize the booking forms and even interactive widgets—no worries about languages. You will be able to use various languages with the help of this data-driven software application. 

Use Data Analytics Tools to Optimize Your Scheduling and Booking Tasks

These days, appointment scheduling platforms have become a significant part of managing businesses. Data analytics tools have made them more effective than ever.

They have not only eased the struggles of many business owners but have also made the work more compatible. Work has become less time consuming and what not. So, if you have still not used one of these powerful data-driven booking applications, now is the time! Get started today!

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