Most Disruptive Data-Driven Software Development Trends in 2022

Big data is changing the future of software development in unbelievable ways.

data-driven software development
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Big data is changing the future of software development in countless ways. Towards Data Science talked about some of the biggest changes that big data has created in this rapidly evolving field. One of them was the shift towards all-in-one data-driven software development across various industries.

“All-in-one big data machines will be released one after another, that is to say, the hardware and software of big data will be merged together, which can be quickly used by customers in the form of all-in-one machines. According to the different needs of customers, we can carry out some hardware and custom application development to adapt to the different characteristics of various industries.”

Software developers always have one eye on the future and 2021 promises some exciting new data-driven development trends in the world of the dev. Businesses are relying on new data technology to develop software more than ever and developers that want to stay in demand will need to have some awareness of what to expect over the next twelve months.

There are some exciting new big data trends to expect in 2021 and staying on top of those trends is going to be critical for both the software developers themselves and the businesses that are now more reliant on them than ever before.

Here are the biggest big data trends in software development that every developer needs to know.

The Domination of Native Apps

Hybrid apps are on the way out, and software developers in 2021 are going to have to spend more time creating native apps that provide a more seamless customer experience. These native apps use machine learning and other data technology to give the best possible experience to every user.

This is not so much a trend that you need to be aware of in 2021, and more a trend that is set to be the definition of software development for the foreseeable future. Apps that have been specifically designed for use on a smartphone are a step forward for developers because it allows those developers to create multiple versions of the same tools, each one dedicated to a specific device format. Investing in native app development is the key to future success.

The Ongoing Impact of the Cloud

While the fundamentals of software development will remain the same, the power of the cloud remains transformative. Developers will still need to focus on carrying out extensive white box testing effectively and A/B testing where needed. However, with the cloud service industry generating just under $40 billion in 2019, and exceeding that in 2020, the clear sign is that software developers are going to have to make the shift to cloud services as early as possible. The big brands like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon already have their position established in cloud tech, but large and small companies alike are going to focus more on cloud resources than ever.

5G and New Technologies

The big trend of 2020 was all set to be 5G, but global events largely hindered the rollout. The expectation now is that the power of 5G is going to be the defining tech shift in 2021. 5G will allow for faster downloads and will mean that users will be able to enjoy speeds that are up to 100 times faster than 4G. That’s because 5G has been designed to handle high data demand offerings such as 4k video streaming and Virtual Reality. Software developers that were primed for 5G in 2020 may have felt let down by the lack of implementation, but they will be the ones that are the best placed to take advantage of the potential in 2021.

While software developers will always benefit from staying ahead of the emerging tech trends, 2021 is set to be a year of unparalleled opportunity. Big data technologies and advances such as AI, automation, and progressive web apps all continue to be in high demand. Those software developers that are looking at staying ahead are the ones that will get to the end of 2021 having achieved so much more than their less forward-thinking contemporaries.

Big Data is Changing the Future of Software Development

There are a lot of benefits of using big data to develop software. The benefits listed above should help you appreciate the importance of using big data to its full advantage.