How Data Can Help You Invest Wisely In Your Business

Big data is helping companies thrive by figuring out how to invest in the right resources.

big data in business
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With the digital era came something that makes companies’ jobs easier: data mining. The issue is not that there was no such thing before. Data mining has been around for a long time, but then, only marketing companies did it and in a very artisan way. Now, algorithms do the hard work for you.

Knowing your consumer, his or her behavior, and shopping preferences is a good way to target publicity and push some items over others. It can help you restructure your business and even make everyday decisions.

But even when these algorithms work wonders, you’ll still have the job to interpret the raw data it offers and transform it into a strategy. Consider using small business loans like these to help you with the different levels of data mining, analysis, and practical application.

Additional Data

Have you ever wondered how social media advertising knows exactly what to show you? You are about the endeavor in that mostly unknown world if you are just learning about the role of big data in social media marketing. Buckle up.


Every time you visit a web page, it automatically creates certain files that keep information so your experience in this place is more pleasant. It uses cookies to accomplish this. That is, it records where do you click, what items were you interested in, even where your mouse stopped. The next time you visit the site, you’ll see exactly what you are looking for, but not only that. This traceability can help other algorithms and data miners in a team select an item to advertise that precise item. If you set them in place, it could shorten your learning curve about what’s catching visitor’s sights.


Imagine that you sell roses to men because your logic dictates that men buy roses for women and you target all of your efforts into reaching more men. But when you look closely at your demographic data, you find out that your biggest shoppers are women. Then, you can change strategies in social media segmentation and language so your advertising reaches more women and, in doing so, you help your business grow.


It’s not just about gender or age, you can learn about geography, economic status, and even the mobile phone your possible consumers use. Internet tracking is a great tool to understand your entire market and plan your strategy with this in mind. Maybe opening up a boutique in the next town or start pushing e-commerce even further. Understand what you are being told and use it in your favor. Data-driven customer segmentation is becoming a lot more important than ever.

An offer with value

Listening to your client’s needs is a great way to innovate and upgrade your offer so it contains actual value. This can be done via online surveys or by analyzing social media comments and messages. Take into account what your already won target is asking for and start pivoting to release a new product or service that you already know will work.

Predict the future

Past behavior, comments, and general data can tell you how people will behave in the future. This is particularly important to businesses that are bound to seasonality and need to adjust their offer accordingly but in general, this can be a way to know exactly what to sell in a certain period, know how much to produce and when to take certain things off the shelf.

Never underestimate the power of knowledge. It can make or break businesses if you know what to look for and where. Relay on raw data from your web page analytics, social media organic and inorganic posts, and any other data source you can get.

Some companies can help you reach deeper into the data surrounding your business or specialized tools you can buy as a license or service. You can use small business loans not only to hire these options but to create a team that can explore and do the data mining or even finance a change of strategy. Information is power and you can hold the keys for a bigger offer and more customers. What are you waiting for?

Sean is a freelance writer and big data expert. He loves to write on big data, analytics and predictive analytics.