How Data Analytics and BI Professionals Used Twitter in November

twitter follow friday2 photo (analytics and twitter)

twitter follow friday2 photo (analytics and twitter)

Each month we bring you highlights of what happened in the data analytics and business intelligence Twittersphere, along with some key people to follow. This month we have news from experts on how BI “hit the road,” a data mining founder and lots of buzz around social BI and mobile BI. Be sure to follow our list of data analytics and BI superstars from the month of November.


Our Hit List & Their Impact
Jorge Garcia (@jgptec) is a business intelligence and business process management research analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). His impact this month stems from discussions around how BI is the “most untapped and under leveraged space right now.” His tweets focused on the cloud, security and how BI “hit the road.”

Dr. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, the brains behind @kdnuggets is a cool follow because he is considered a founder of the data mining and knowledge field. KDnuggets, a research and consulting firm, focuses on data mining, web mining and business analytics. This Twitter handle is the stream of what’s happening in the KDnuggets community from new data analytics jobs to data news and meetings and courses. Great addition to your RSS feed reader.

Marcus Borba (@marcusborba) is the founder of Borba Consulting, a business intelligence and performance management consultancy located in Brazil. He contributed a guest post on 7 Hot Trends in Business Intelligence to the Trends and Outliers blog. Besides receiving lots of Twitter love in the form of 21 retweets on this post (just what we have recorded), Borba made headlines in Business Intelligence Daily.

Twitter Side Note: Check out, which offers a cool way to harvest the best of Twitter in a daily digest. We recommend using the hash tags #data, #analytics and #bi.


Jason Price (@jasprice) helps clients uncover strategic opportunities using data and advanced visualization techniques. In addition, he showed a little Twitter love by retweeting our recent blog Mobile BI a Reality with Spotfire for the iPad. Price’s contribution to the data analytics Twittersphere is really focused on two areas: mobile devices and data visualization. His feed is full of cool stuff like links to blogs on the data boom and data’s influence on healthcare.

Larry Hawes (@lehawes) is a nationally recognized consultant, researcher, author, and educator on the strategic use of collaboration and knowledge management technologies. His blog, Together, We Can!, focuses on how collaboration can help businesses drive business transformation. A big focus of his Twitter feed in November was his talk, “Beyond Collaboration” at the Defrag Conference. He also stirred the pot with his blog post, Social Business Transformation: Focus on Small, Not Sweeping Change. It’s an interesting read about how organizations should approach change in general, but very relevant to social BI.

James Kobielus (@jameskobielus) an industry analyst for Forrester Research, made a pretty cool announcement on November 30th about an upcoming Forrester TweetJam on Wednesday, December 15th at 12 p.m. Eastern. Topic: Advance Your Analytics Strategies. In addition, his blog post on Advanced Analytics contained some great data visualizations on the future of analytics. He also tweets on BI in the cloud and Social BI.

David Gerbino (@dmgerbino) says it best in his Twitter bio. What he does: community banking, database marketing, business performance management, data visualization, BI, KPIs, marketing and industry research. Why is he worthy of a Twitter follow? He tweets regularly on interesting data topics including visualization, but the real reason to follow him is his twitter lists on BI and data visualization among others.


Cindy Howson (@BIScorecard) is the founder of BI Scorecard, a research and consulting company that advises worldwide clients on tool selections and strategies. Her November Twitter activity centered on TDWI conference and her session on “Cool BI.” A noted expert on mobile BI, she reported that the two top trends for session attendees were dashboards and data visualization. Be sure to check out Howson’s book, Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App.

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