How Big Data Is Leading a Greater Demand for STEM Students

The demand for STEM students has been rising because of data science and its capability to change the world

August 28, 2017
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Data science has recently been on the rise. It has gone on to stir an increase in the demand for STEM students. STEM meaning Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The demand for STEM students has been rising because of data science and its capability to change the world. This fact has warranted institutions to produce more students that will be the innovators of tomorrow thanks to data science.

With the help of big data, we will be able to go through tons of volumes of information that helps in driving the day to day activities of a business. Big data assists in calibrating a business’ strategy, optimizes the development of upcoming products and assists in unearthing the root causes of failure in an organization.

Studying big data isn’t something that’s easy but it’s what the future holds and students focused on STEM are embracing it whole heartedly with the hope of being industry innovators and hopefully making a career from big data.

Here is how big data is creating demand for STEM students:

Leaving an Impact

As we progress into a new uncharted territory that holds a lot of hope for the future, students are eager to join the industry in the capacity of data scientists and leave their mark on the world. Through data science, students can solve a variety of problems like terrorism, assist police in curbing crime among many other things.

In the frontier of this change tactics is Palantir, a silicon valley based tech company that offers insight into your daily operations through big data. They help in war zones and fighting crime and most of their work force is comprised of young people that come from STEM related courses.

STEM students invest a lot of time and knowledge to solve a lot of the issues we have. Currently, there is a study that’s been conducted by biology and chemistry students in trying to solve the cancer issue through the use of nano gold particles that act as cancer detectors. With the help of data science, they can unlock some new things that were not there before. Even civil engineering students are coming up with new ways of designing a building that will last longer and cost cheaper.

Show of Interest

For you to be part of the STEM family and eventually have a career in data science, you must first show that you have interest in the two. Children who show interest in any of the sciences, engineering and math disciplines are more likely to have a career in data science.

With this in mind, companies are already investing in STEM related programs for children as young as those in kindergarten so as to be able to get the right amount of labor in the future. According to a recent study, STEM jobs will grow by 14% between 2010 and 2020 – these are millions of jobs that await people.

For a company with vision and an outlook for the future, the managers have to invest in programs that make sure that they secure the right amount of labor that may be needed to get the job done in the future. Even so, and to make things even more serious, It is estimated that 3 million of these jobs may go unfilled due to the widening skills gap.

Sharpening Your Skills

With data science, you get to improve your skills as it makes you do more because more is always required and the technology changes very fast. With this in mind, students are required to attend summer programs that can help in making their STEM background be more solid. These programs are just the beginning of maturing your talent.

Seeking internship from companies can also increase your skills and get you a lot of experience. Industry leading companies like Amazon, Apple and Google are always looking to absorbing new talent and nature it. Afterwards, they can go ahead and offer you a full-time position that can be really fulfilling.

STEM students also participate in the research department of data science. As the name Big Data suggests, a lot of research work is involved. You not only get to improve your research skills but also get to be good at classifying and verifying data. Such skills will come in handy when writing thesis statement as you continue your education. Pair this with the many essay writing services that we have within our reach thanks to the Internet, education has never been so accessible!

Good Pay

STEM students who undertake a career in data science attract a huge salary from various companies. Normally, a data scientist can earn $100,000 per year plus other incentives such a stocks and bonuses. This kind of pay has made students focus all their wits in perfecting their data science skills so as to scoop such a handsome salary.

The environment that data scientists get to work in also makes the job appealing. When you work as a data scientist in silicon valley, you get to enjoy some insane perks like free foods at all times, free laundry services, haircuts, massages, access to an onsite doctor in case you feel sick sometimes and even a psychiatrist for those of us who need someone to talk to.

Such things really invite someone to join the data science family.

It’s the In Thing

Currently, data science is the in thing. It’s part of the tech talk that’s going on thanks to Google and Facebook. They have been raving a lot on how they use it to make better products. This has made the smaller companies to adopt it thus an increase in demand.

The likes of Uber, Palantir and Airbnb will pay you a pretty penny to come work for them provided you know your way around data science. Facebook has to be the highest paying employer in regards to data science as they get a lot of information from their users and they use that information when it comes to serving ads.

Data science, together with machine learning, have been the talk of the town for the past 3 years and whatever they have been able to achieve makes people want to part of them so as get some kind of fulfillment.

Big Data Can Be Paired With Machine Learning

When you combine data science and machine learning, it becomes something very powerful. The two together have solved very many problems such as how YouTube serves you content and how Google has improved its search results. Data science and machine learning also help in fighting terrorism and theft in our neighborhoods.

Palantir uses the two in their day-to-day operations and so do all the other companies. It helps in unlocking some answers that we may have never gotten insights into before. Kaggle, a website that focuses on data science and machine learning helps engineers land jobs at their preferred companies through the competitions that they host.

All this has made STEM students want to get in on the hype and be at par with the current technology that’s being used in solving our problems.


Data science has helped in creating millions of job within the past few years. This has warranted students that are focused on STEM to direct their all their resources in mastering the art of data science so as to get a spot in this line of work.

STEM students should also pair the data science skills with machine learning so as to increase their chances of getting a job at a well-paying company where they can be part of an exciting project that will give them self-worth and fulfillment.