Big Data In The Gaming Industry Makes A Massive Impression

big data in the gaming industry
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Big data is redefining the future of the gaming industry. Gaming providers are using big data for a variety of purposes. These applications include the following:

  • Getting a better understanding of customers, so they can offer better products and experiences
  • Protecting against security threats, which are becoming increasingly common
  • Adapting new payment processing solutions, such as crypto currencies
  • Making sure that enough resources are allocated to keep the services running smoothly

Some of the biggest gaming companies are using a tremendous amount of data. Electronic Arts, the biggest gaming company in the world, is currently consuming around 50 terabytes of data every day.

This is going to make it easier for companies to leverage big data to improve their services. How will it change the gaming industry as we know it?

Big Data Has a Major Influence on the Gaming Industry

A recent article by CIO showed that big data is disrupting the gaming industry.  They found that major companies are acquiring platforms like MineCraft, not for the products themselves, but for the data. MineCraft was purchased for $2.5 billion, just because it had such a large trove of valuable data.

It is incredible that Microgaming launched the first online gambling website over 25 years ago. Since the first gaming site was launched, the gambling industry has pioneered and embraced new forms of digital technology.

Today, online gambling is one of the most successful industries ever. However, big data tools are required to help key players in the industry stay competitive. Big data helps them accurately predict the odds of players winning, as well as personalizing their games for the different players.

In 2019, consumers expect a more personal service that suits their own specific needs. Recent statistics show that 67% of gamblers remain loyal to the brand that offers a more customised service. It makes sense that any customer that enjoys a bet would want to play at a top 10 online casino that offers exceptional services in customer care, bonuses and promotional offers, banking options and the quality of games.

It was the bookies who were the first gambling professionals that made use of big data analysis. Previous games were analyzed and the point scoring and wining patterns were determined in order to establish more realistic odds. Interestingly, one survey determined that over 72% of UK bookmaker customers believe that their own bookies did not offer a great personalized service.

Online casino operators use big data to customize their casino offers and make the sites more attractive to new and established, loyal players. Improved marketing campaigns gleaned from the massive amount of customer data is highly valuable to the industry.

As the use of cookies advanced the online casinos are able to find out which games their players prefer, and perhaps more importantly, what type of patterns they use whilst gaming, and all of this personal information can be used by the gambling industry to create marketing campaigns that ?speak? to their customers.

The benefits of big data can also be exploited by players as it can help them to predict outcomes, and potentially enjoy some extra winnings. Players using big data works in much the same way as sports organizations use it to analyse the players and the tactics of the opposing team/s. Those that are betting on the outcome compare two team data sets in order to glean which team will win.  Sports betting is a massive concern and having an edge by using big data is a clever tactic.

The majority of industry leaders have already hired teams of big data technicians and engineers and as there is no sign of the industry slowing down, we are sure to witness more improved, innovative marketing strategies based on the information garnered from big data.

Big Data Makes Waves in Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is changing at a rapid pace. This is largely due to fantastic advances in big data. How will big data change the future of this industry? Only time will tell.