5 Best AI-Driven Vanity Phone Number Generators

AI technology helps companies create vanity phone numbers that can help support their telemarketing efforts.

Artificial intelligence technology has become widely used by major corporations since the beginning of the century. However, a growing number of small businesses are finding ways to use AI technology as well, especially when it comes to marketing.

Ninety-one percent of the most successful businesses use AI technology to some degree. However, many businesses are not sure how to use it effectively.

One of the best ways to use AI is with your call center support and telemarketing strategies. AI technology is very effective at making it easier to connect with customers over the phone.

There are powerful AI tools that enable you to create vanity phone numbers. You will want to use these applications to get the most of your strategy.

Use AI to Create Vanity Phone Numbers to Connect with Customers

You might be wondering if social media and Zoom have really replaced using the phone in modern business? The truth is that they haven’t been as disruptive as some people think. That is why it is worth looking into a vanity phone number, which  is a custom-made number that uses a set of numbers to spell out a unique and memorable word. It can either be a local or toll-free number. For example, 1-800-ARTWORK translates to 1-800-2789675.

You can learn how to find a customized phone number to help your business gain a competitive advantage in a changing marketplace. A number of new tools use AI to generate phone numbers more easily. They work by quickly sorting through directories of known phone numbers to find ones that are available. They can also sometimes recommend similar phone numbers by using sophisticaated machine learning algorithms.

How to Create a Vanity Phone Number with AI Tools

The best method to find a vanity phone number is by using a vanity phone number generator that relies on advanced AI algorithms. This is an online tool that not only searches the availability of a number but also generates number ideas from a few keywords supplied. It can help a lot with your telemarketing strategy
Generally, vanity phone number generators are free and easy to use.

The Best AI-Driven Vanity Phone Number Generators

A simple online search can bring up a list of vanity phone number generators to choose from, but not all are made equal. Below is a list of the top 5 vanity phone number generators that can be used to find the perfect fit for your business. They all use AI to create phone numbers for their users.

1.      TRUiC 

Their vanity phone number generator is free to use and provides a seamless user experience. It uses AI technology to generate results instantly by searching through thousands of available toll-free numbers.
The user can enter one or more keywords related to the business niche to generate a result matching the specific products or services.

2.      Grasshopper

Not only does Grasshopper offer a vanity phone generator, but they are also a vanity phone number service provider. Their lookup tool can accommodate up to 7 customizable numbers and will search for the availability. This wouldn’t have been possible without advanced AI algorithms.
Once a number has been chosen, a user can select one of the plans provided, starting at $29 per month. They also offer a user-friendly app that you can download to a mobile device or desktop.

3.      iTeleCenter

Their vanity phone number generator is free to use and provides the option to search for a toll-free or local number. Plans start at $19 per month, which gets you one phone number, 500 minutes, and 10 extensions.
As with some other providers, they also have an app feature that can be downloaded to manage calls.
They service some very well-known brands like Mcdonald’s and Nestle, and it is clear from the customer reviews that the brand is well-liked.

4.      UniTel Voice

UniTel Voice is an established company that has been around for more than 20 years. Their vanity phone number generator uses AI-based data mining tools to search through all the available toll-free numbers to generate many options to choose from.
For start-ups, plans start at an affordable $9.99 per month, and customers can even choose to have a 30-day free trial period. In addition, a plan can be upgraded at any time, which is a great feature for businesses that have to scale quickly.

5.      800.com

Another well-known service provider that offers a free vanity phone number generator. It works similar to other number generators and the plans start at $19 per month. Once an account has been created, it takes around 3-5 business days before it is activated.
800.com has some advanced calling features like an auto-attendant which provides greeting messages, menu options and can manage extensions.

Why Vanity Phone Numbers are Important

Many businesses choose vanity phone numbers not only for their memorability and sales lead generation, but they are an incredibly important part of a business’s brand and marketing strategy. Some of the critical benefits of a vanity phone number are:

  • They are easy for customers to remember and recall.
  • They make a business look professional
  • They are a great marketing tool
  • They generate better sales leads which bring better turnover
  • They are flexible and mobile
  • They can are toll-free

The benefits of a vanity phone number can help a business gain a competitive edge in the market. The commercial sector is constantly moving towards a more automated and technological environment which aims to make customer experiences as seamless as possible.

More than 60% of customers still prefer to communicate with business via telephone. Most customers will dial a number that they can remember first if it means they do not have to spend time searching online for contact details.

AI Helps Businesses Create Excellent Vanity Phone Numbers

AI technology has been invaluable for modern marketing. One of the best ways to use AI in marketing is by creating vanity phone numbers that help you better connect with customers. The AI tools listed above can help immensely.

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