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5 tips for deploying predictive analytics with business rules

A topic that passionates us at Fair Isaac is analytics deployment.  We…

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wordle me this

I've been cleaning up my tags in del.icio.us lately (preparing for a…

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Managerial Essays on Social Networks

A re-posting on the Value Networks blog of a list of research…

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Maybe text mining SHOULD be playing a bigger role in data warehousing

When I chatted last week with David Bean of Attensity, I commented…

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BPM 2.0: Méfiez vous des imitations

Back in February 2006, I wrote a first post on BPM 2.0.…

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Disputed history of the term Business Intelligence

According to Computerworld, Howard Dresner coined the term business intelligence in 1989…

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There’s Money in Them Thar Companies – BI & MDM Funding!

Given the harrowing day in the world's stock markets yesterday and today's…

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Faster than a speeding bullet: The need for business intelligence to keep up with the enterprise

  With enterprises traveling at “light speed,” Claudia Imhoff, President of Intelligent…

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