Big Data

Big Data Drives Booming Demand for Fantasy Sports

Sean Mallon - July 27, 2016

Fantasy betting is growing faster than anyone could ever have predicted. In 2008, one in six Americans admitted to betting on sports. That number has increased significantly…

Big Data

Cloud Customer Data Management Limits and Opportunities

Sean Mallon - June 17, 2016

The cloud has made customer data management easier than ever. It has also created some unique complications that brands need to be prepared for. Brands need to…

Cloud Computing

5 Benefits of Cloud Based Video Conferencing Brands Can’t Ignore

Sean Mallon - May 12, 2016

The videoconferencing industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Experts from IDC reports predict it will be worth $6.2 billion within the next four years. Why is…

Big Data

5 Benefits of Big Data for E-Commerce Companies and Shoppers

Sean Mallon - May 11, 2016

Online retailers are using big data to create a better shopping experience, boost customer satisfaction and generate more sales. If you have been reading the news, you…

Big Data

Uniting Big Data with the Cloud

Sean Mallon - April 26, 2016

Combining big data with the cloud seems like the perfect technology unity. Despite the many advantages that the cloud offers, many corporations have been slow to make this…


How Business Intelligence is Making Real Estate Easier

Sean Mallon - April 13, 2016

Real estate markets are prone to change at a moment's notice. Nothing is certain, and prevailing trends ultimately determine the success or failure of sales and deals.…

Big Data

Protecting Intellectual Property in the Era of Big Data

Sean Mallon - April 1, 2016

Big data is an invaluable tool for forward-thinking companies. As businesses move to improve their operating efficiency and tie key performance indicators to real-world results, integrated data…

Big Data

The Benefits of Having Big Data in Small Businesses

Sean Mallon - March 29, 2016

If you own a startup or a small business, you are probably aware that creating your niche in the market, especially in major metropolitan cities, can really…

Big Data

Applying Big Data for Mass Customization

Sean Mallon - February 12, 2016

Many companies have a strong interest in applying big data for marketing, but predominately at the promotional level. Few articles have effectively covered the application of big…

Cloud Computing

Cloud Data Security can’t be overlooked in 2016

Sean Mallon - February 11, 2016

The number of cloud users – both corporate and personal – increases dramatically each year. And as these numbers grow, so do the security threats. Cybercriminals realize…