Cloud Computing

Key Trends in Cloud Computing – Mid-2011 Update

onlinetech - June 18, 2011

As we round the bend half way through 2011 (the year of cloud computing), we’re seeing some interesting trends emerge in cloud computing.  Here are 6 key…

Cloud Computing

5 Benefits of Managed Cloud Computing

onlinetech - June 10, 2011

In previous blogs I wrote about the benefits of private cloud computing and the benefits of public cloud computing based on the unique models of each. Sitting…

Cloud Computing

Private Cloud Computing: How It Changes Disaster Recovery

onlinetech - March 9, 2011

Mike Klein explains about how private cloud computing changes the game when it comes to disaster recovery possibilities.   Disaster Recovery Using Private Cloud Presented by Online…

Cloud Computing

Anatomy of a Private Cloud: History, Architecture, Platforms and Other Resources

onlinetech - March 8, 2011

  Mike Flaherty of Online Tech describes cloud architecture – the history, platforms and various resources for a cloud computing storage network and management framework.   Welcome…