Data Warehousing

Put Data Quality in Those Requirements, Already!

DataQualityEdge - March 26, 2009

Business Analysts look at all kinds of requirements. 1. Networking interface 2. System design 3. Database design 4. Business needs And much more... How often will a…

Data Mining

4 Ways to Distribute Your Error Reports

DataQualityEdge - March 20, 2009

Following up on my last post about Error Report Contents I’d like to identify 4 ways an error report can be distributed.Error reports can be distributed in…

Data Warehousing

5 Simple Tidbits to Include in Your Data Error Report

DataQualityEdge - March 19, 2009

ETL code and processes are key in the operations of updating and maintaining a data warehouse. A good operational set-up will have data error reports available for…

Data Mining

5 Non-Quality Items to Consider in Data Profiling

DataQualityEdge - March 13, 2009

Data Profiling is all about identifying and quantifying the accuracy of the data in a database. How complete is it? How accurate is it? These are must…

Data Mining

Five Attributes for the Data Quality Analyst

DataQualityEdge - March 5, 2009

In my years working in data quality I have seen many skills and attributes of what a good data quality analyst must have under their belt.As a…