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World Series Analytics

IBM and the University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg Innovation Lab (AIL)…

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The Emerging Role of the Analyst – Posts from the Blogosphere

In response to our call for bloggers to post on the topic…

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Success for the Data Scientist = Happiness

In this presentation at the Strata Conference in New York this past…

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Write on The Emerging Role of the Analyst – SDC’s Analytics Blogarama Oct 6

You're invited to join in the Analytics Blogarama on SmartData Collective!

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Stalking the Data-Curious Culture – SDC Reflections

This is the first monthly post in the SDC Reflections series where…

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Applying Data Analytics to Customer Experience and Service on Social Media

Recently we interviewed Amir Dekel, Director of Marketing and Communications for ClickFox,…

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Measuring the Strong Signal of the Customer’s Voice

SDC interviewed Claude Guay - CEO of iPerceptions - and Duff Anderson,…

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Tom Davenport’s Culture of Analytics

On March 15 in San Francisco, Tom Davenport addressed a plenary session…

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