Albert Smith

Albert Smith is a Digital Marketing Manager with Hidden Brains, a leading IT company specializing in enterprise and emerging technology solutions such as Blockchain development , IoT, Cloud, Chatbot and Big Data. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand.
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Machine Learning Leads to Huge Breakthroughs in Trading

Machine learning technology has been the basis for some of the biggest…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 7 Min Read

Cloud Computing Can Improve Human Resource Management

Cloud technology is changing the future of business in many different ways.…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 6 Min Read

5 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Analytics for Pricing

Analytics technology is very important for modern business. Companies spent over $240…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 11 Min Read

Why Is the World Adapting to Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain network has affected more than just bitcoin. Countless industries around…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 6 Min Read

HR Analytics is the Basis of New Workforce Management Software

Data analytics technology has helped many employers boost productivity and increase employee…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 7 Min Read

AI Accelerates Growth of Bitcoin Mining in the United Kingdom

We have talked a lot about the role of the blockchain in…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 8 Min Read

Predictive Tourism: The Merger Of Big Data In Travel Industry

Data science has shifted the existing ether bringing in new marvelous opportunities…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 6 Min Read

Exploring New Opportunities For Blockchain And Insurance

Blockchain is a disruptive technology carrying the potential to revolutionize the insurance…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 7 Min Read

Why the Future of Social Media Will Depend on Artificial Intelligence

With an estimated 2.77 billion social network users around the globe, social…

Albert Smith Albert Smith 9 Min Read

Telegram’s Upcoming ICO and its Implication on Blockchain Community

The global cryptocurrency community has been abuzz with rumors regarding popular messaging…

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