Analyzing Big Data Based on Segments

TV has become an integral part of our lives.

TV has become an integral part of our lives. Because of explosion of TV channels, it has become very competitive for Channel companies to attract attention of the viewers. Channel companies are overloaded with various data points like viewership data, syndicated data, call center data, social media data, set up box data, broadband data, etc.

Until we integrate all these data sources, we cannot make a sense out of this BIG DATA. The best way of integration is by SEGMENTS. 


Below are the tables having audience segments of UK population:
Social Grade
Social Status
upper middle class
higher managerial, administrative or professional
middle class
intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
lower middle class
supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional
skilled working class
skilled manual workers
working class
semi and unskilled manual workers
those at lowest level of subsistence
state pensioners or widows (no other earner), casual or lowest grade workers
Lifestyle/ description
TV channels watched
Other Media
Internet Use
Men 16-34
65% have no kids
60% are single
Majority work full time
80% have access to digital
Sky sports channel 4 bravo kerrang
25% use newspaper
Zoo nuts FHM
Cinema and radio
70% have broadband at home
Sport Banking News shopping
Men ABC1
12.8m in Britain
2/3rds are married
Scrubs, Simpsons, sport, news, documentaries
5 live, radio 4, tabloids newspapers less magazines
60% with broadband travel, sport, finance and news sites
Men C2DE
10.5m, constant media habits
ITV, five, Discovery, Bravo, The Sci-Fi Channel and Sky One
FiveLive and TalkSport Nuts and Zoo
44% have broadband
Men 55+
7.5 million, retired, more free time
ITV1, UKTV History, Discovery and National Geographic
Particularly radios 3, 4 and FiveLive. The Telegraph, The Mail and the Express
33% have broadband
Women 16-34
Broad set of media
Channel4, E4, ITV2, Living and MTV
Glamourg grazia, radio virgin and kiss
60% have access for shopping downloading
Women ABC1
Have children, more likely to be, single 30% of adults in UK
E4 UKTV Style Living, Channel4 ITV, the BBC
Cosmopolitan, Hello! Red
Over 50% have access
Women C2DE
11m broad range less than ₤17k 34% don’t work
ITV1/2 E4 and Living TV5
Sun Now, OK, Take a Break, The Mirror radio1,2, capital vigin
<35% have access
Women 55+
9m, free time
Day time TV bbc itv gmtv
½ read papers Daily Mail Mirror Classic fm
41% have access
Source : Wikipedia

Use cases:
To provide customized ads based on the behavior of these segments and their viewership time
To change the IVR options, by analyzing the trend of various issues on other touch points of customer
To measure the impact of one segment over the other
To train call center resource based on emerging trend
To understand the impact of campaigns on various touch point
To calculate ROI of social media efforts by correlating it with the viewership data
To engage with the Right people at the Right time in the Right frame of mind.

Do you have any other use case to add? 
How you are integrating your customer touch points data together?