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Advanced Business Analytics, Data

Business analytics, predictive modeling, data mining, web analytics, six sigma, econometrics, business intelligence, computational finance, quant, operations research, machine learning, data analysis, data warehousing, risk management, cloud computing, text mining, BI.

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Business Analytics

business analytics, data mining, artificial intelligence, visualization tools, and predictive modeling.


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Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Actuary / Actuarial and Statistics Group

Global group in all industries for predictive modelers, data miners, statistical programmers, actuaries, statistics, analytics for business quants biostatistics econometrics finance operations research insurance reinsurance finance math PhD Master’s Wall Street C++ SAS R VBA software derivatives.

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Text Analytics

This group brings together people who are working in the Text Analytics field (also known as Text Mining or Information Extraction) or people who are interested in web mining. The group is of interest to people working in Language Technology (Natural Language Processing, NLP) or Data Mining.

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Statistical Consultants

Network Business & Ideas SPSS SAS R JMP Minitab Cognos GIS Matlab VB SQL CRM Oracle BI Six Sigma Predictive Analytics Analytical Consulting Statistical Modeling Analysis Statistics Research Text Data Mining Market Marketing Analyst Quant Strategic Competitive Intelligence Risk Finance SAP Math Cloud

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SAS Analytics & BI

SAS Analytics provides an integrated environment for BI, predictive analytics, descriptive modeling, data mining, text mining, forecasting, and optimization. ~2,800+ Active Members. *** MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT *** Should have SAS experience listed in your profile.


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Data & Text Analytics Professionals (1800+ members)

Interest Group for US MR, BI & CI Professionals working or interested in Data Mining, Data Visualization, Text Analytics and Text mining (data mining unstructured data) and advanced Customer Segmentation (& CRM). Social Network Analytics (SNS) or anyone involved in Web/Screen Scraping also welcome.

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Analytic Bridge

Data mining, business intelligemce, predictive modeling, statistics, quant, operations research, six sigma, econometrics, web analytics, text mining, SAS, biostatistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision sciences, cloud computing.

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