Enterprise 2.0: How to Make it Work

May 10, 2010

There are heaps of organizational benefits that can be derived from Enterprise 2.0 adoption, such as:

  •  Increased knowledge transfer
  •  Quicker/cheaper/more efficient access to subject matter experts
  •  Reduced costs of communication, eliminating need for travel
  •  Improved collaboration, accountability/transparency
  •  Reduced time to market for products and services
  •  Improved teamwork and employee recognition/satisfaction

Which are all great, but how often do Enterprise 2.0 adoptions succeed?

Bill Ives writes a great post in response to recent research on Enteprise 2.0 conducted by Early Strategies.  The report, Toward Enterprise 2.0: Making the Change in the Corporation, is based on an online survey conducted between November 2009 and January 2010.  The participants included a primary set of people involved in enterprise 2.0 deployment, and a secondary audience of well-informed users of enterprise 2.0 applications and projects.  The report stated that they mostly belong to CIO/IT (38%), followed by HR (16%), Communications (12%) and Marketing (12%).

A  number of themes for successful enterprise 2.0