Ryan Kamauff on Password Protection

March 25, 2010


Ryan Kamauff, Crucial Point LLC Technology Research Analyst and writer at CTOvision.com was recently interviewed by Washington DC WUSA9’s Lindsey Mastis on the topic of password security. The video from the interview is below and at this link.

Although I’m sure the savvy readers of the CTOvision blog know the importance of password security and probably don’t need these reminders, I am also certain that you have close friends and family members who do need to hear Ryan’s well delivered, focused message on password security.  There are common mistakes many people of make that make it easier for bad guys and raising awareness of this issue remains important.

The reminders Ryan mentioned in that interview were tailored for individuals.  Enterprises need more specific and different advice.  For that, we recommend checking out the NIST coordinated special pub titled “Guide to Enterprise Password Management” at:  http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/drafts/800-118/draft-sp800-118.pdf

Please watch the interview below…