Use of Technology – My thought process on this one is a bit left field I know but… Part2

March 19, 2010

An update on my original blog discussing the issue of how to best leverage technology to gain advantage – I was recently in Beijing and went to the market to look for some new badminton rackets to replace my now depleted stock! I wanted to save money as new rackets these days cost around $220-$250 and I needed more than one.


So found some Yonex rackets in one of the markets for only $40 each! and they were the top of the range ones. Looked good!


John Street blogWhen I got back home and tried them out, yuck!  It felt awful, the strings were a terrible feel. I tried see if changing the strings would to make them a bit better so I got one restrung  (another $20). It felt a bit better but still no good really. One of the guys at our club imports badminton equipment so I went to him and he had a look at them – guess what, they were definitely fakes, good ones though! He gave me a pukka one, felt totally different of course, “did what it said on the box”.


So while it is up to you to make the most of good technology beware of fakes/look alikes or things that seem cheaper in the short term!


Speaking of best-in-class we are hosting our Teradata Universe