BI 2010 – Making BI more strategic

February 23, 2010

I have just opened ITWeb’s BI 2010 in Johannesburg talking about decisions and importance of decision making in making BI matter (I will post my slides later). Great audience, nearly 200 people with a strong showing from end user customers (75%) and, very interestingly, nearly half considered themselves business / IT straddlers which is a great trend.

The next session, although focused on BI, was very relevant to decisioning and decision management. Martin Rennhackkamp spoke on strategic BI and focused on a number of critical things that help you make BI more strategic:

  • Understand the strategic business objectives, make sure you understand them and focus on how BI can support them
    This is absolutely critical in my opinion. If you don’t understand your business and how your BI investments can support it then you cannot possibly make good investments in BI. I particularly liked how he mapped business objectives to BI initiatives...