Guest Post: Some predictions for the 2010 PLM Market

February 21, 2010

201002201608.jpg This is a guest post from Sanjeev Pal, Research Manager for IDC’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) programs in my SBS Group.

Each year many programs at IDC publish Top Ten Predictions for the coming year. The following is a summary of the PLM Top Ten Predictions for 2010. The domino effect of financial crises that led to the global economic recession in 2009 has altered the worldwide economic landscape and has slowed down the growth of PLM applications market. IDC’s PLM applications market includes functional markets like MCAD/MCAM/CAE, cPDM, NPDI, Manufacturing and Other Engineering segment that excludes EDA. Since these functional markets cover numerous industry verticals under manufacturing and non manufacturing sector, they are directly influenced by macro economic trends and the trends of the overall software markets that were mentioned in this post. Here are my predictions:

  • PLM Solutions That Are Tailored Specifically for Industry Verticals Will Drive Market Growth…