Interview: Timo Elliott on business intelligence and web 2.0

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As Senior Director of Strategic Marketing for SAP BusinessObjects, Timo Elliott is passionate about new technologies and serves as an evangelist for SAP. That evangelism has taken him to many conferences as a speaker on business intelligence and performance management, and currently is applied to his growing interest in “the intersection” of business intelligence and web 2.0 technologies.

In this interview, Timo recommends a “Star Trek” approach to BI projects; explains why “power analytics” is his preferred term over “predictive analytics”; talks about the “profound effect” web 2.0 is having on business innovation; and enthuses about a “simple, seamless, strategic” future. Oh, he also gets excited about “some fantastic stuff coming down the pipeline.”

Timo’s posts at Smartdata Collective are derived from his BI Questions Blog; he also recently started a second blog, the title of which explains all: SAP WEB 2.0.


Listen now:

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