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Dear Facebook, It’s Not You, It’s Us

Dear Facebook,Last week, we reached our 7-year anniversary mark. Have we really been together that long?! Because, honestly, it feels like forever. I’m sorry we didn’t celebrate, but I really didn’t feel like it. Ever since you asked me for my home...

Posted August 15, 2014    

If You Think Data Security is IT’s Responsibility, Think Again

What does Ebay, Living Social and Adobe have in common? These companies, among countless others, have all experienced a significant data breach in the last year. While these breaches have cost millions of dollars to fix, they’ve also cost some...

Posted July 23, 2014    

The White House Recently Completed a Study on Big Data Privacy: Do You Care?

“Big Brother?! Ha! I’m not afraid of what the government knows about me. I’m more afraid of the internet and what it will expose about me. Heck, I’m even more afraid of people on the street with their smartphones who can take my picture without my...

Posted July 16, 2014    

Who Owns the Data? Well, It’s Complicated

I don’t know if Edward Snowden – the NSA contractor turned whistleblower currently living in exile - is a hero, traitor or a schmuck. What I do know is that he has brought the data issue much closer to home for me as a consumer and a U.S. citizen....

Posted July 11, 2014    

60 Minutes Got It Wrong: Data Brokers Aren’t Evil

Have you heard of About the Data? It’s a website that lets consumers see what personal data’s been collected and is being used to drive the online ads they see and offers they receive. It’s a free service provided by Acxiom, a supplier of marketing...

Posted July 2, 2014    

Introducing the Big Data MOPS Series

Big data – or whatever you prefer to call it – is a game changer. And not to mince words: If you’re not using big data to improve your business – e.g., revenues, profits, operational efficiencies, decision making, etc. – then don’t do big data. It’s...

Posted June 25, 2014