Datacenters Are Changing The Business Landscape
Data Warehousing
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Data Warehousing
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Datacenters Are Changing The Business Landscape

Melissa Thompson - May 13, 2017

The most recent Outlook for Data Centers reports that 2017 will continue the growth spiral of the last few years. The demand for data centers will continue…

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How to Keep Your Data Safe When Using Connected Devices

Melissa Thompson - Feb 02, 2017

Big Data
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How Big Data Is Changing Education

Melissa Thompson - Oct 05, 2016

Social Data
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Hollywood looking at big data to find the next big hit

Melissa Thompson - Aug 12, 2016

There may be hidden creativity within your Facebook posts and tweets. Moreover, it might even be used to create the next blockbuster in Hollywood. (more…)

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Getting Serious About Big Data Security

Melissa Thompson - Aug 10, 2016

Big Data
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Current Trends in Big Data Usage in Large Industries

Melissa Thompson - Jul 28, 2016

No matter the industry you work in or where you live, the transmission, collection, and analysis of data is happening all around you every day, and is…

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How Data Is Transforming the Health Care Industry

Melissa Thompson - Jul 09, 2016

Big Data
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Big Data + Analytics = Beaucoup Bucks

Melissa Thompson - May 10, 2016

The $4 billion online retailer Wayfair reached fantastic quarterly results in 2015, which took investors by surprise and boosted shares more than 20 percent. But to some…

SmartData Collective Exclusive
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How Blockchain is Challenging Finance

Melissa Thompson - Apr 18, 2016

Of all the new startups during the past decade that are classed as FinTech (Financial Technology) one of the most controversial and potentially powerful is bitcoin. Growth…

Data Management
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Gartner warns of approaching apocalypse for IoT data management

Melissa Thompson - Mar 24, 2016

The unprecedented expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a rapidly expanding amount of generated data.  Industry experts are warning that at the current…