Why Tech Pros Are Turning To Machine Learning For Career Growth

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While the topic of machine learning has been floating around for quite a while, modern technology has transformed it from a couple of buzzwords that most people didn’t understand into the force that’s behind many of the modern technological comforts that we now take for granted. As an industry, machine learning is one that’s experiencing exponential growth with incredible potential for the future – and machine learning for career growth is important to consider. For tech professionals, machine learning is one of the most important emerging fields. Accessibility of technology has made it so that more businesses are starting to look at how machine learning fits into the scope of their own products, services, and basic operations. Now is the perfect time to discover more about machine learning and position yourself for a career in the industry.

Where Machine Learning Is Today and Into the Future

The concept behind machine learning is that machines, or computers, can learn, improve themselves and act in a way that mimics human behaviors. It all starts with a feed of data and information about the surrounding environment, and with these computers can adapt and exhibit autonomous behaviors. For those who are unfamiliar with the technology, it all seems a little futuristic. However, the average person encounters or at least has learned about, machine learning in ways that seem almost ordinary today. Take, for example, the current hype around self-driving cars – an invention that has come about as a result of machine learning technology. While this represents how sophisticated machine learning has become, we can also see some of the challenges and the need for trained machine learning professionals who can help further technology and product development to meet new consumer demands. Other examples of how machine learning has become more integrated into our everyday life include automated recommendations from services like Amazon or Netflix, the personalized content that appears in front of social media users, the way Google Maps knows where you are and can tell you how to get to your next destination, and enhanced fraud detection used by financial institutions.

A Critical Gap

Machine learning is becoming more integrated into every part of our lives, and more businesses are beginning to realize its potential. However, there is a major problem. The current supply of professionals with machine learning skills falls significantly short of the current demand. A recent article tells how Glassdoor names data science as the number one career in the United States regarding salary, job satisfaction, and growth potential. However, it’s also estimated that there are 300,000 professionals with these skill sets in the world, with millions of machine learning positions available. This presents a tremendous gap in the demand for those with machine learning skills and the number of those who are qualified to fill those roles. What does all of this mean for those who want a career with significant growth potential that also happens to be situated on the cutting edge of technology? Now is the time to get serious about adding a machine learning certification to your list of professional credentials.

Applications of Machine Learning Across Industries

Machine learning is a valuable technology in any industry that works with large amounts of data. Today, machine learning and AI technology have become integral in many of the leading professional industries. New technology is constantly being adapted to help businesses stay competitive in a landscape that’s fueled by advancing technology. For example, we can look at the healthcare industry and how the use of wearable devices has enabled providers to elevate their level of care by accessing patient data in real time, or how the financial sector is leveraging machine technology to gain more profound insights into data and level up their fraud protection capabilities. Every industry, from the government to marketing is learning how to adopt machine learning technology best to more effectively streamline and enhance their operating processes and level of customer satisfaction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukzFI9rgwfU

Top 5 Benefits of Gaining Machine Learning Skills for Technical Professionals

If you’re a tech professional that’s interested in the potential of machine learning technology, there are plenty of reasons why it’s time to consider learning the skills that will enable you to capture a position in the field and remain competitive among your peers. While we could go on all day about the perks of learning this exciting skillset, here are the top 5 benefits for technical professionals.

  • Exceptional Career Opportunities: It can feel like a gamble to invest time and money into learning a new skill and then keep your fingers crossed that you’ll find your way into the professional position you deserve. This isn’t the case with machine learning.
  • Going back to the gap in supply and demand for machine learning professionals, more businesses of all sizes are looking for people who are skilled in machine learning but have come up short with their talent pool. Learning these skills opens up incredible professional opportunities around the world.
  • Money In the Bank: According to Indeed, machine learning engineers earn an average salary of $141,389, with the average tenure for this salary being less than a year. It’s also common to see salaries for machine learning engineers extend into the $200,000 range, especially in some areas of the United States. A career in machine learning can provide a level of financial security that other industries fall short on.
  • Versatility in Data Science Careers: As noted above, data science is one of the most important, fastest growing industries for employees. Approaching the industry with a machine learning skillset means that you’ll be highly qualified for many data science positions, including those that are indirectly related to machine learning technology. Machine learning skills are a key that can unlock many pathways for your professional growth and development.


  • Greater Insights in Your Industry: Machine learning isn’t just for those with aspirations of being behind the next “big” thing in technology. Every industry can benefit from the more in-depth, advanced analytics that can be achieved through machine learning technology. Even those who are well positioned in their careers, including in industries that aren’t directly tech-focused, can leverage this skill set to gain insights to fuel growth for their businesses and their industry as a whole.
  • Standing Out in the Crowd: Adding machine learning capabilities on your resume of CV results in you immediately standing out in the crowd. The applications of machine learning are extensive, and smart employers are looking to bring on team members who are tech minded and adaptable, with the skillset to keep their company moving forward with technology.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea to consider gaining machine learning skills if you’re a tech professional. In fact, it’s beneficial even if your career isn’t tech focused. There are simply so many positives to getting a better understanding of it, and it’s easier than ever to begin learning it – so why not take it on?

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