New AI Advances Increase User Reach with Advanced Targeting

AI technology has significantly bolstered the performance of online marketing through improved targeting capabilities.

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Artificial intelligence has upended the digital marketing profession. A growing number of marketers are using AI to optimize and automate marketing campaigns in fantastic ways.

Jason Hall, Founder and CEO of FiveChannels described some of the phenomenal benefits of leveraging AI in digital marketing in a post in Forbes. Hall states that AI hasn’t removed the need for human input in marketing, but it has helped remove a lot of the monotonous tasks that humans used to participate in. This has significantly improved the overall performance of digital marketing.

One of the ways that AI has helped marketers is by improving conversions through advanced targeting. As AI technology is better able to understand the intended scope of demographic and keyword targeting in various campaigns, marketers should see conversions skyrocket.

AI Allows Marketers to Significantly Improve their Targeting Strategies

Having a quality, fun website that is easy-on-the-eye is vital for attracting visitors and then converting them into regular customers. It takes between two and four website visits for a user to convert to a customer, so it is critical to connect with your users and bring them back to your website at the precise moment when they are ready to become a customer.

Advanced targeting is the process by which paid messages and advertisements reach the right people at the right time with the right message. AI technology has significantly improved targeting capabilities.

Antonel Neculai wrote about the benefits of using AI to improve targeting in a LinkedIn pulse. Neculai talks about the benefits of using AI to create mirror audiences to improve segmentation and other elements of the marketing process.

There are a number of benefits of using AI for improved targeting. It can help increase sales, reach more interested prospects, gain insights, and strengthen customer relationships. If you’re an eCommerce owner who handles all of your store’s marketing or an agency marketer looking to gain loyal customers, you’ll need advanced targeting.

To get you started, here are five tips on how to increase user reach.

Reduced cost of client acquisition and conversion

When it comes to advertising, segmentation is very important. Using a social media platform is helpful in this case because when some platform notices that your ad is performing well, it will improve its placement and pricing at the right time for your target audience to notice. Facebook and other social media channels incorporate sophisticated AI algorithms into their advertising platforms to help advertisers improve targeting. It also contributes to the development of your reputation with the advertising platform, and future ads will perform better and at a lower cost. You’ll be able to target the right people, those who are more likely to convert.

Seeing an ad on social media convinces users to search for your website, sign up for it, and put the desired products in the shopping cart. However, midway, they decide to leave the page without making any purchases. This can happen due to some types of roadblocks, such as high shipping costs or requiring a lot of additional information before purchasing. Therefore, you need to discover why they abandon the cart and come up with strategies to reduce cart abandonment. This can be anything from providing them with an irresistible offer to simplifying the purchasing process.

Improve user experience

In the past, we talked about the benefits of using AI in modern web design. One of the most important ways to utilize AI is to improve the user experience.

The data you collect can be used to design the user experience in a variety of ways. For example, you can monitor what content people view and serve them different content based on their actions. You can follow what they visit on the website, what they want to read, or what products they are most interested in. This allows you to determine which approaches require improvement or additional funding in order to achieve better results.

Investigate existing data to determine who interacts with your website and why. Some people may want coupons, while others may want to get to know your brand better. Track the most common actions in your system and assign a lead score to users so that you can plan more strategic and effective flows and ads. You can create more precise audience segments by collecting and applying advanced filters based on information and behavior, which can influence future campaign goals, who you want to reach, and the message you want to convey to them.

Combine the audience and the context

Consider adding an audience and then double it down by adding some topic targeting. This means that not only were you targeting that audience, but that audience had to be on a website that shared their interests. AI technology is becoming more adept at drawing connections between different interests, so you can expand the scope of their interest and topic targeting without harming conversions.

The benefits of interest and topic targeting is that they add a greater level of stability. Not only is the audience your target audience, but they are actively reading about the product to which you are attempting to direct them. This will allow you to really refine your audience targeting and define the results to the best of your ability.

Implement CRM

By implementing customer relationship management, or CRM, you can easily collect user information to create detailed profiles of users’ interests, knowledge levels, actions, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. It gives you the opportunity to give something back to your customers for their loyalty.

You can send special gifts and discounts to your most active users. Additionally, you can send targeted paid messages to niche audiences. You can tailor your messaging to be more relevant based on previous interactions, whether you’re sending a broadcast or a sponsored message.

Use keywords

Although adding new keywords can be beneficial, doing so requires you to research new terminology that you are unfamiliar with. There are other approaches you could take. For example, you may already have phrases that visitors use based on limited match types, such as a phrase or keywords.

Search for your most frequently used phrases and keywords and see which ones attract your users the most. So, you can create new ad groups for these terms and create effective pop-ups for your users whenever they use one of these words. 

AI Helps Improve Digital Marketing Conversions through Advanced Targeting

We have mentioned that AI is the unsung hero of modern digital marketing. There are many great ways to use AI in online marketing. One of the biggest benefits is that it can help with improving your targeting.

Audience targeting ensures that you are reaching a relevant audience and allows for greater precision in determining who sees your ads. It’s simple to target an audience with tailored ads to entice those users to return to your website and convert. You need to convince your visitors that you have the best offer on the market and make sure that they leave your website with a full cart of your products.

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