Impressive Benefits of UTM Codes Derived from Big Data

UTM codes are a the newest way to improve your data-driven digital marketing campaigns.

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We have previously talked about all of the great benefits of using big data in the field of marketing. Digital marketing is particularly affected by advances in big data.

One of the biggest ways to use big data in marketing is with UTM codes. This is a gamechanger in the digital marketing field that wouldn’t have been possible without major developments in data analytics and data mining.

UTM Codes Make Data-Driven Marketing More Effective than Ever

Would you like to know how UTM codes can be beneficial to your data-driven digital marketing campaigns? If yes, you’re at the right place. This post will look at what a UTM code is and the many benefits you can get from it.

Today, one of the major sources of traffic for many websites is social media. That is because a lot of marketers and website owners usually advertise their products and services via social media platforms. However, many people face a common problem is how to track the sources of their website traffic.

As a good marketer, you should be able to track the different sources of traffic on your website. For example, you may have created an advert or post about a product or service on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which redirects people to your website, and you had huge traffic on your site. How would you be able to know which of these social media platforms generated the most traffic? This is where the importance of UTM codes comes into play.

What is a UTM Code?

The term “UTM” is an abbreviation for Urchin Tracking Module. These codes are usually created from a good UTM code generator that generates codes. With a UTM code, you will be able to track the social media source of your website traffic. It is added to the end of a URL to know the exact sources of traffic.

How to Create UTM Codes

The easiest way of creating UTM codes is via a UTM URL generator. A UTM generator allows you to generate UTM codes for tracking your marketing campaigns easily. It saves you a lot of time and stress since the codes are automatically generated. Also, with a UTM tracking generator, you can easily edit bulk URLs simultaneously. Instead of editing manually one after the other, which may take a lot of time, a UTM link generator does everything at once. This makes everything a lot easier for you.

Benefits of UTM Codes

The importance of a UTM code cannot be overemphasized as it comes with tons of benefits. Whether it is social media marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, or other types of marketing campaigns, UTM codes can be very helpful. We will look at some of the major benefits of UTM codes.

Testing Channels

For instance, if you would like to know which platforms or channels generate the most traffic for your content or ad, you can use a UTM code to find this out.

Content Effectiveness

You can post different content on a single platform and use UTM codes to determine which is most effective and generates the most traffic. With this, you will know which content to improve on and which to do away with.


Some of the other benefits of UTM codes include helpful insights for blog composition, spotting key influencers, and more.

UTM codes are very important today to track your website traffic and measure your marketing campaigns. It provides you with useful insights that would help improve your marketing campaigns.

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