Be the Best – 9 Ways to Market Your Business with Big Data

Data-driven marketing is becoming more important than ever, so you need to use these practices strategically.

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Big data technology has been a highly valuable asset for many companies around the world. Countless companies are utilizing big data to improve many aspects of their business. Some of the best applications of data analytics and AI technology has been in the field of marketing.

Data-Driven Marketing is More Important than Ever

The competition out there is fierce, so it is vital that you find ways to make your business stand out from the crowd. Your approach to marketing your company should be unique and exciting to snare customers. Your product and service should be top class to retain them. This is where data-driven marketing strategies come into play.

If you are looking to increase your customer base, here are 9 ways to successfully market your business by leveraging big data tools.

Exercise Search Engine Optimization

Big data has become essential for modern SEO. We talked about the applications of using big data in SEO in the past. However, before you can create a data-driven SEO strategy, you should understand the benefits of SEO in the first place.

When you have a fantastic website, you want to make sure that as many customers as possible enter it. You have to be near the top of the list on a search engine page like Google to glean the maximum customer traffic.

When building and adding information to a website, you must think about search engine optimization and use keywords and phrases that customers are likely to type into a search engine. This is one of the ways that big data can be most helpful. You can use sophisticated data mining tools to get the keywords you need to create a successful campaign. When a specific word or group of words is entered into a search engine the same way it appears on your website, the viewer will be presented with your website as one of the top clickable options. Log file analysis helps company website builders better understand how search engines are working on their websites and gather ideas on ways to improve their SEO performance.

Create a Quality Website

Big data has also been very important in developing websites. You can read our previous article on using big data for website development.

Online shopping has been more popular than ever since the unwelcome appearance of COVID 19 across the world, forcing society into periods of home quarantine. People have turned to the internet to buy goods and hunt for service providers, so it is crucial that you have a website for your business.

A top-notch website is one that is easy to navigate, interesting, informative, and easy on the eye. If your website is crammed with unnecessary literature and it is confusing or awkward to locate specific information, the potential customer will rapidly lose heart and turn to another website. You can use data-driven analytics tools like Crazy Egg to help optimize the site.

Use clear photographs depicting every angle of your product. List the dimensions, colors available, and any other relevant details, but keep the description short. Ensure it is easy for the client to check out items in their cart and offer various payment options. Publish precise contact details of your company so that customers can contact you quickly should they have any issues.

Boost Sales with a Brand and Logo

Some of the world’s most successful companies have a logo and branding that is instantly recognizable such as McDonald’s Golden Arches or the half-eaten fruit of Apple. Often people will remember a symbol but not a name, so it makes sense to develop a visual identity for your company that customers will instantly think of when they are looking for a particular product or service.

This is an overlooked area where big data can be highly useful. You can use data-driven design platforms like Canva to create great website content.

Be a Social Butterfly

These days it is imperative you have a social media presence as around 70% of US inhabitants have a social media account, whether it be with platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can’t afford to be an effective social media marketer without using big data these days.

On sites such as Facebook, you can advertise, open a store, and communicate with customers all over the world for free. Your Facebook site can display photos of your products and links to your website or YouTube channel – another essential accessory for a successful business. A YouTube channel devoted to your company allows you to be creative with your advertising while reaching out to customers in all corners of the world.

You will need to use data analytics tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite to optimize, automate and improve your social media strategy.

Develop an App

Rather than scouring through web pages, many people like to use an app on their phone or tablet. Big data is also proving to be useful for app development.

Create an app for your customers that is simple and speedy to use, and you will find that they keep coming back for more. Apps help customers feel more engaged with your company and make your business more visible.

Write a Blog

Including a blog on your website can help you attract traffic. A well-constructed and entertaining blog can engage people and make them want to come back to read subsequent blogs. Some fans of your writing may share the blog on their social media pages or email links to friends and family. Get blogging as it may just expand your customer base.

Ask Affiliates For Assistance

Bloggers and YouTube influencers can do wonders for the sale of your product.

Look on social media platforms such as YouTube for people who use products similar to those you produce and ask them if they will include your wares in one of their videos. For example, suppose you manufacture paints and art supplies. In that case, you could ask a popular artistic YouTuber such as Moriah Elizabeth to use and promote your products on some of her videos. Followers of the influencer will be keen to buy the products their idol uses, and the influencer will be content as they will receive a percentage commission from sales made through the link to your products on their site.

Many of the top influencers have hundreds of thousands of fans from nations across the globe. Brands used on YouTube videos by these people have been known to sell out in minutes.

You can use big data to help with your affiliate marketing strategy as well. You will be able to monitor the ROI of different affiliate traffic sources and rule out affiliate fraudsters if you use analytics properly.

Be Seen Everywhere

You need to be seen in order to be successful, so get your company out there. Invest a decent amount of money on advertising in local and national newspapers, billboards, radio, and television.

Initially, it may seem like you are emptying your wallet, but widespread quality advertising will do wonders for your sales. Consult a professional marketing company about how to advertise your product best, visually, verbally, and aurally. They can help you compose a catchy jingle for your radio and television advertisements or an eye-catching full-page spread for the local rag.

Make Useful Merchandise and Be Generous with Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie, so devote some of your budget to creating innovative merchandise or handing out free samples of your products.

If your business sells food or drink products, you could set up a stall at the local market and hand out free samples of the goods. Once people taste your cuisine, they will be desperate to buy more.

Pass out merchandise such as pens or clothing around local businesses or at business expos. Wear branded clothes yourself when you are out and about or have business livery printed onto your vehicle.

There are thousands of ways you can promote your business – just make sure your method grabs the public’s attention. Above all, ensure your goods or services live up to the hype!

Big Data is Vital to Modern Marketing

You can’t overlook the importance of big data in the marketing field. Make sure that you use it wisely, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

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