10 Effective Big Data Strategies For Marketing Online

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Big data has changed the nature of business in ways marketers of the 1980s would never have understood. Big data is especially important online.

How is Big Data Helpful in Marketing?

What and the 10 most useful strategies for using big data to market your business online? That?s a question every businessperson ought to ask himself or herself. If you do your marketing right, then you will greatly boost your forex business. Here are a few things you may want to try out:

1. Use Predictive Analytics to Capitalize On Great Web Design

Although it may not appear to be so, web design is a marketing strategy you should try out as a priority. Modern web design practices depend heavily on big data. With a well-designed website, you can increase the length of time a visitor spends there. Make sure you have clean, interesting, and easy to web pages to retain visitors long enough to convert them to your forex business. You don?t have to do it yourself when you can hire an expert to help you with it. Predictive analytics is especially helpful for creating a website. You can learn more about your customers and optimize your design to them.

2. Use Machine Learning for SEO

With the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, you will be able to have results for your website appearing at the very top. Use the right forex industry keywords and customers will be able to easily find your products and services. The more your website ranks highly, the more likely you will get the customers you need. The problem is that search engine algorithms are changing regularly. The good news is that machine learning can help you better understand the ranking factors Google uses, so that you can increase your chances of ranking better.

3. Associate and Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are great if you want to work with other people to share information from your forex website for a commission. They will publish information on their websites and social media accounts including links to your products. But make sure that you’ve best affiliate programs that suited for your business. Affiliate marketing is a good way of passively improving your results.

4. Hire a Consultant or Coach

It is likely that you aren?t an internet or digital marketing expert. Why don?t you ask a professional to help you? From these consultants and coaches, you will learn the exact things to change to succeed. You need a coach is you are a small forex business owner that needs to focus on other aspects of the business.

5. Take Advantage of Email Marketing

This is nothing about aimlessly sending out emails. You need to prepare segmented email lists meant to cater to each individual?s specific needs. When you have a personalized email marketing campaign, you are bound to have more positive results. So analyze your customer?s purchasing habits and come up with an effective email marketing strategy. Big data is more important for email marketing than ever. You can use data to conduct detailed split-tests to know how to optimize your email funnel and get the most profit.

6. Develop an Opt-In Email List

When visitors reach to your website, they need to be given an opportunity to sign-up for your email list. You could make this possible for them by having an opt-in popup window on the homepage of your forex website. Once the customers fill in their email addresses, you can add them to your email lists and sent to them regular correspondence.

7. Write Articles and News Stories

You need to create content for your website in the form of news stories and articles related to your business. If you don?t have writing skills, ask a public relations expert to help you. If you are into forex, then put out related content. When people read what you have to offer, they will begin to see you as an expert in forex. In the end, you will be able to expose your business to even more people. The problem is that quality articles don?t necessarily get traction. You need big data and predictive analytics to find topics that will take off. You should know which big data sources to use, like Google Keyword Planner, so you can see what will get the most traction.

8. Online Press Releases

A press release is a formal way of announcing new products and services for your business. When done online with a well thought out big data strategy, they have a wider reach than those in print. Who knows? The blogs and newspapers could just pick up your announcement and make it a news item. That way, you don?t have to reach out to them using other ways.

9. Hold Promotions

One of the best marketing strategies is to hold giveaways and contests for your clients. Offer free products and services to encourage people to buy from you. That way, you will be able to increase sales on your forex website.

10. Have a Blog

Blogs are great for posting new keywords and optimizing your SEO strategy. Apart from providing general information, you can use your blogs to provide advice to those who need it. If you make them interactive, then you could use blogs to connect with your clients. If anything, blogs help build trust thus leading to some of the greatest relationships you will ever have. Use any or all of these 10 strategies and you will be able to improve your business. Blogs are great sources of data to help you understand customers. You can look at bounce rates and engagement statistics on different pages to see what types of content they like. This is a good starting point for helping you find the best products to promote.

Big Data Has Redefined the Rules of Marketing

Digital marketing is more dependent on big data than ever before. You need to apply entirely new strategies to get the most from it. What is the future of big data in marketing? It is yet to be written, but there are a lot of promising opportunities on the horizon.

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