Wiping An iPhone With And Without An Apple ID In The Age of Big Data

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Big data has come with a big cost. It has compromised our privacy in a lot of ways. John Weathington of Tech Republic wrote about this topic a couple years ago in his article Big Data Privacy is a Bigger Issue than We Think. Weathington raised some very valid concerns about the problems big data has created.

?When it comes to privacy, big data analysts have a responsibility to users to be transparent about data collection and usage. Here are ways to allay users’ concerns about privacy and big data,? he wrote.

Unfortunately, many brands have done a terrible job ensuring user privacy is protected. Apple is one of the companies that has claimed to be a strong advocate of privacy when it comes to big data. Recent reports show that isn?t the case. In the age of big data, they put privacy last. This means that people that are worried about their privacy in the era of big data are considering deleting all the data from their iPhones. However, that may not be possible if they forgot their Apple ID.

Concerned About Privacy As Apple Uses Big Data to Track You? Learn How to Delete Your Data Without Your Apple ID

Do you want to delete every bit of data on your iPhone? You may want to do this to save space or resell the device. Either way, it is a good idea to know how to delete your iPhone files successfully, even if you lost your Apple ID. Here are two ways you can wipe out your iPhone within mere minutes.

Make a Backup on a Big Data Server

You must consider making a backup, even if you don?t want the data on your phone anymore. The good news is that big data has made finding out how to back up phone data – and actually accomplishing it – easier than ever. You just need the right cloud network and know how to store data properly. You can use a separate Physical backup or simply backup everything on a cloud service. If you enable iCloud on your device, it will keep making backing up your data from time to time. Therefore, you won?t have to be afraid of losing your data. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Assure your device is connected to the WiFi
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap the Apple ID Banner
  • Choose iCloud
  • Tap iCloud Backup, scroll down to find it
  • Enable it

How to Wipe an iPhone With Apple ID?

As long as you have a Passcode, the iOS device will be encrypted. This means you better make your data inaccessible if you were careless about the key. iOS will continue to wipe out your data, but if you return to the setup process, you will control what things you want to get rid of, and what stuff you want to keep. So, if you are interested, you need to mind the following steps:

  • Launch Settings
  • Go to General
  • Scroll to the Bottom and Tap Reset
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings
  • Click Erase iPhone
  • Tap Again to Confirm
  • Enter the Passcode
  • Type in the Password and turn off the Activate Lock
  • Remove the Device from List

Once you have done all of this, you need to sit back and wait for the wipeout process to complete. Once done, you will have to set up the new device, or you can choose to restore stuff from an old backup.

How to Wipe an iPhone Without an Apple ID?

Do you want to know how to delete messages on iPhone? You are going to need the PIN, regardless of the type of message that you want to delete. Unfortunately, this means that the previous remedy won?t work, unless you decide to use the software. Yes, you will need a powerful iOS cleaning tool which will clean every junk file or message to help you clean up space on your device. There are many options available in the market. Choose one, and consider the following steps:

  • Download the software on your iPhone
  • Install it
  • Open it and click erase all data
  • Confirm again
  • Sit back till the wipeout process is complete

Protecting Your Privacy by Deleting iPhone Data is Possible Without an Apple ID

You can?t be too careful when it comes to protecting your privacy in the age of big data. The good news is that you can remove data from your iPhone even if you lost your Apple ID. It doesn?t matter which iPhone model you have if you need to delete its data with or without the Apple ID, the remedies mentioned above will help your case. The software can even help you reset your device if needed.

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