5 Ingenious Ways To Use Big Data For Customer Engagement

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Big data is changing the direction of our economy in unprecedented ways. Every business should look for ways to monetize big data and use it to optimize your business model.

The number of companies using big data is growing at an accelerated rate. One poll found that 53% of businesses were using big data analytics in 2017. This figure has presumably risen in the years since.

However, companies need to use big data wisely. One of the smartest ways to leverage big data is by improving customer engagement.

Using Big Data for Maximum Customer Engagement

It doesn’t matter if you have made the most exceptional product or launched the best service. If your customers are not content with your product/service, then you can never reach the heights of success. In a world governed by big data, where every other person has a business of his own, you need to make sure that you provide customers with something valuable.

Every customer knows that they have plenty of options available to them and they can easily take their money elsewhere without any trouble. They know how to use big data to find the best options available to them. Amazon and many review sites use data mining technology to make it easier for customers to find their preferred products. This means businesses need to up their game and use big data to make their quality products more visible in the market. This is something Business.com addressed in their post on how big data is elevating the customer experience.

To avoid that, you need to make your clients feel welcomed and appreciated. From recorded voicemail greeting messages to providing them excellent customer care, you should give them an experience they want and deserve. Big data makes it easier to deliver on their expectations. Here are some other ways you can make sure that your customers stick to you for a long time.

Remember Customer Names’ and Personalize

The very first thing that you should do to make sure that customers feel valued and cared for is to remember their names. The sweetest sound the other person can hear from a client over the phone or in-person is their name, and it builds a bond of trust that lasts for a long time. It may not be possible for you to create a meaningful relationship with every customer you come in contact with. Still, you should make sure that you invite a relationship so that customers notice that you care for them.

Personalization is also important with the online customer experience. In some industries, such as travel, personalization has increased email open rates to 65%. Another poll found 71% of B2B companies use personalization.

Keep Waiting Time to a Minimum

If there is one thing that every customer hates, it’s being placed into phone queues or having to wait in long check-out lines. If you are running a business that relies heavily on phone calls, you can provide professional auto attendant recording services so that your customer doesn’t feel unimportant. Recording services are a great way to make sure that they get by the waiting time without getting frustrated and ensuring that they know that you will answer their queries as soon as possible. This is a cutting-edge technology that wouldn’t have been available before the big data revolution.

Reassure Your Customers That You Can Provide Them with Everything

Another way to make your customers realize that they had made the right decision by signing up with you is to keep a positive attitude when you talk to them. When you smile over the phone, your customers can feel this smile. When your customers ask for something, your reply should be to the point and speak in easy to understand language. Make your customers understand that you will handle their problems with foremost professionalism and kindness.

Big data is making it easier to give a good customer experience. The benefits of big data go beyond personalization. You can use big data to understand customer needs and automate the experience. IBM reports automated customer service is booming these days as they rely more on big data.

Mind Your Manners

I know most of you will think that this is an essential thing involved in customer care, but most businesses don’t comply with it. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are considered to be the two most potent phrases when it comes to dealing with customers. Not only should you be cordial towards your customers, but the way you behave with your employees and workers also has a significant impact on your image. When making a sale, don’t pressure your customers into buying anything as he won’t return in the future even if you are successful in selling a product or service for the time being. All you have to do is stay patient and listen to your customers so that they feel welcomed.

First Impression is the Last Impression

A common saying which we have heard since our childhood is especially true when it comes to running a business. If you are not able to provide your new customers with the right environment the first time, he will most likely not come back. If your business is the car, then your customers are its drivers. If you are running a business from an office, you need to adjust your exterior to match your business dealings so that you form a positive image in the eyes of your customers. If you are running an online business, your website should be user friendly. Moreover, your online staff should be professional and well-mannered, and you should be able to provide everything that you claim to your customers. By doing so, you will gain their loyalty.

Big Data is the Key to Exceptional Customer Service

Customer expectations have increased significantly in recent years. A growing number of businesses are relying more heavily on big data to meet their customer needs. Business owners should look at new opportunities to leverage big data to meet customer expectations.

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