Turning Data Into Content Through Social Media

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Data as it relates to your business can be used in several ways and serve many different purposes. From a marketing perspective, data can be turned into content and published and syndicated. 

Data as it relates to your business can be used in several ways and serve many different purposes. From a marketing perspective, data can be turned into content and published and syndicated. 

Of course, the next question is how to turn the data into content in the most effective way possible.

The first step

The first thing that you should do when you want to turn your data into content, which you will then share through social media, is to look at your keywords and how effective they are at drawing web traffic to your business. Once you have identified your strongest and most effective keywords, you should concentrate on the tweets that drew the most attention and the other social media updates that attracted the greatest number of people. With Twitter, you can identify the most popular tweets through lists. Because of the large volume of content, people don’t have the patience or the time to read everything so if you give them something that they can skim, they will usually be willing to skim to find information that is of interest to them.

Gathering a variety of concepts

There are several different ways to share your content though social media. There are some approaches that are basic and involve common sense and there are others that are more complex and not for everyone, depending on your particular business and your particular business approach. The approach that you use should be geared toward your particular target audience. For example, if you write an article and send the title to many different people and places, the result will be that it will pique the interest of other people enough to want to go further. It is an excellent introduction to what will come later, which is the sharing of the actual article. Many people are interested in short, quick bits of information that they find compelling and that stick with them.

Turning data into content

When you actually turn your data into content is when you truly demonstrate just how creative you are. As you are going through your data and analyzing what you have collected, you will begin to identify which information is appropriate to share and you will start to be able to pick out the gems that will be most valuable in the eyes of other people. It is very important to remember not to seem as though you are trying to sell something by sharing the information online. You will see that the data that you are expressing through your content will be fascinating to other people because they will be able to apply at least some of the concepts to their own businesses and they may be able to use the information to help their businesses to become even more successful.

The way that people communicate

Customers and potential customers reach out to businesses in very different ways than they did in the past. With the social media revolution, when a person is interested in a particular product or service, the first thing that they do is to search for the product or service on one of the many search engines. Next, they go directly to one of the websites that appears toward the top of the search engine page. Once they have visited the website and have determined that they like what is being offered, they will try to communicate more directly with the people who run that particular business. Their third vehicle of communication is often their mobile device. The end result of all of those interactions is that relationships are being built in the process. Online interactions are all about building relationships and the concept of helping other people to solve their particular problems should always be top of mind. Once you have accomplished all of that, people will feel that you know what you are talking about and that you are trustworthy. It is extraordinarily important that you make your business and your business offerings readily available so that people can find you easily.


Everything follows a process. In this case, collecting the data from your business is the initial part of the process. The next part is actually converting that data to content, which you will then publish and syndicate to many other people through social media. All of the different elements that go into effective social media communication are important and, in fact, are essential to success. Always bear in mind that you need to cater to the needs of other people and if you are able to satisfy their needs, they will, in turn, want to do business with you and interact with you more and more over time.


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