5 Innovative Ways To Reduce Instagram Data Usage

There are lots of important ways to reduce Instagram data usage, and it's important to consider them. Here's what to know.

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Instagram is among the apps that the internet uses accuse of consuming excessive data bundles. Loading the images, the videos and the stories that are posted consistently consumes more data than you may think. Videos simply pop up without warning unlike on Facebook where you have to click on the videos to view. Instagram videos preload enabling you to watch them in an instant, and consuming data in the process.

In spite of this, you might still want to grow your Instagram profile considering its potential as a social marketing tool. Let’s learn 5 innovative tricks to decrease data usage while using Instagram.

Deactivate the Preload Option

This is one of the ways you can use to lower the use of data bundles by your Instagram app. You just need to follow a simple process. Go to your account settings, scroll down to “cellular data,” click on “useless data”. This option slows down videos from pre-downloading when using your cellular data, but will work normally when you have a Wi-Fi connection. Images will load as usual, and you can still enjoy the Instagram experience. You will note that images will load at a slower pace, but they will load either way.

Connect to Free Wi-Fi

Instagram is a great app for killing time and entertaining yourself at the same time. When you are waiting for someone, may like in a restaurant or at the airport, you can always log in and catch on the latest developments. Always be on the lookout for open Wi-Fi connections so that you can save your data. Most restaurants and other public spaces have Wi-Fi connections. You should, however, take connections to only use secure connections to protect your device from being hacked. Never leave your device to connect automatically so that you can remember to switch mobile data on and off.

Switch Off Mobile Data when Phone is Idle

Most of us get caught up in the daily activities that we forget to manage our personal devices. If you leave your apps running in the background, they will consume data whether or not you are using them. This is especially true with apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Try and deactivate mobile data usage when your phone is idle. Most of us especially teenagers like using their phones to catch up on the day’s activities in bed before sleeping. You end up dosing off leaving your data running. You may try to stop this unhealthy habit not only to save data, but also for your overall health. Keep your phone away from your bed when sleeping.

Turn Your Notifications Off

This is another brilliant way of saving data. Why have every little notification, even those that you do not require popping up your screen and wasting your cellular data? Considering that most of us use Instagram for entertainment and to catch up on how our friends and foes are carrying on, you can afford to wait until you are free to log in to your account and check on the new developments. The mystery behind not knowing what’s going on than coming later to find out is the beauty and the interesting factor about using Instagram.

Prevent Uploads from Gallery

Every time you take a photo, Instagram saves the photos in your camera roll. This consumes data that should not be consumed. You can deactivate this feature by going to your profile then turn off “Save Original Photos” feature on your account. If you want to upload a photo, do it manually from your gallery to save data. Videos taken directly using Instagram’s camera feature consumes unnecessary data.

If you just require a video to upload and then share on Instagram, you can then just shoot it directly from your Instagram camera instead of having it save into your gallery. Any other video that you wish to shoot and keep to use later can be shot using your phone’s camera. Videos taken using your phone are more clear and are of better quality than the those you take with the social media apps.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to make sure that Instagram doesn’t use too much data on your device. Here’s how to make it happen.

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