Photography Trends Utilizing Data To Keep Your Social Content Fresh

Big data has played a very important role in the creation of new social media content through better photography.

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Big data and artificial intelligence have become incredibly useful in the field of photography. Photographers need to know how to leverage big data effectively.

A number of new trends have emerged that involve the use of data. They can be useful for social media marketers that need fresh visual content.

Big Data Becomes Integral for Social Media Marketers Relying on Photography

Social media has become a part of our everyday life and as everyone knows the trends across all platforms are constantly changing and evolving. Big data has made social media marketing both more effective and complicated. Trying to keep up to date with this and to implement it into your social content can be time consuming.

With photos and images at the center of all we consume online, Clickasnap have picked out some of the latest photography trends to capture and utilize to keep your social content fresh. Tools like this rely heavily on the latest advances in big data technology.

Here are some other trends in photography that have been governed by big data.

Drone Images

A list of the latest photography trends would not be complete without drones. The usage and popularity of these cool pieces of tech has risen over the last few years, and the shots they produce are incredible! Use a drone to capture your best landscape shots, these are always popular across social media, as it gives the audience a new perspective on the world around them. Literally giving them a bird?s eye view.

Big data has made it easier than ever to rely on drones and collect photographs with them. You can use AI to operate drones and large data repositories to store the photos after they are collected.

Stripped Back Realism

A year of lockdown has really affected the way audiences have been interacting with highly edited photos. It seems over the last year we have grown to accept more realistic imagery online, and would prefer to see people naturally, as opposed to heavily filtered and re-touched. It seems we have become more aware of the realities of life, no longer living in a fantasy online. The shift during the pandemic gives photographers and content creators a chance to strip things back and create realistic content.

AI has played an important role in this as well. You can use data editing tools that rely on machine learning to adjust photos after the fact to make them look more realistic. You can also use cameras with AI capabilities to take pictures that better encapsulate the realistic imagery you are angling for.

Environmental Photography

Many of us would agree, we have spent a lot more time appreciating the natural world. Whether this is as a result of lockdowns restricting us to our local areas, or the awareness of climate change. The younger generations, particularly, are drawn to imagery which highlights the importance of protecting the earth and appreciating our natural world. Using your imagery to highlight important topics like saving the planet, reducing plastic waste, and shocking audiences into a shift in opinion, typically evokes emotion. Which in turn will boost engagement online. Big data tools can also help make environmental photography more realisitic.

Activism Photography

Choosing to shoot topics you are passionate about will usually result in greater images, with passion and a message behind them. These images tend to receive a really positive reaction online too and will help to refresh your online content if you have been stuck with what to shoot and upload. Some trending topics of 2021 include race relations, female empowerment, and gender rights. As well as the body positivity movement trending on Instagram which ties in nicely with the realism style of photography.

Real Time Mobile Content

With smartphones anyone can be a photographer. Big data has made it easier to take pictures in real-time. The modern-day camera on a smartphone can provide quality images equal to that of digital cameras. Going out with just your phone could result in some of your most authentic images, perfect for fresh online content. Choosing to use just your phone camera is a great way to also save you money and time.

Share your Photos Online

Not only can you share your photos online via social media platforms to keep your content fresh, but you can also upload these images to photo sharing sites to make money. Uploading your best snaps to these sites will help others find the perfect content to use across their online content, whilst you make money from downloads and views!

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