PAW London – Uplift Modelling, Text Analytics and Other Advanced Methods

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Case Studies on Uplift Modelling, Text Analytics and Other Advanced Methods

Case Studies on Uplift Modelling, Text Analytics and Other Advanced Methods

Don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the world’s top predictive analytics experts delivering keynote sessions and case studies at Predictive Analytics World London, 30 November – 1 December, at the Business Design Centre in Islington. From marketing optimisation to uplift modelling and from ING Belgium to US Government departments, PAW’s top notch content has been developed to deliver the latest, hardest-hitting methods that improve business with analytics.

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Keynotes and Special Sessions

John Elder Ph.D.
Chief Scientist,
Elder Research
Keynote: Text Mining: Lessons Learned
Multiple Case Studies: U.S. DoD, U.S. DHS, SSA
Explaining that text mining is the new “Wild West” of data mining and predictive analytics, Dr Elder explains some key technical breakthroughs that were made while working on projects for leading US government agencies such as the DOD and the DHS. A leading expert in the field of data mining, Dr Elder previously served for 5 years on a panel appointed by the President to guide technology for national security.

Eric Siegel Ph.D.
Programme Chair,
Predictive Analytics World
Keynote: Persuasion by the Numbers
Optimise Marketing Influence by Predicting it
Armed with case studies proving how marketing ROI can increase dramatically when uplift models are employed, Dr Siegel argues that the only way to optimise marketing influence is to predict it. This opening conference keynote is an absolute must-see for anyone seeking out the full potential for predictive analytics to significantly improve the performance of their marketing department.

Geer Verstraeten Ph.D.
Python Predictions
Case Study: ING Belgium
Successes and lessons in a five-year growth path in Predictive Analytics
Dr Verstraeten’s session looks at ING Belgium’s journey towards becoming a convinced user of Predictive Analytics and he will be joined by ING’s Head of Business Analysts, Pieter Dyserinck. Together they will present the organisational and analytical developments which led to a situation today where predictive models are now the main engine of automated campaigns towards a large variety of target audiences and channels.

Nicholas Radcliffe
Founder & Director,
Stochastic Solutions
Case Study: Lloyds TSB and US Bank
Uplift Modelling: You Should Not Only Measure But Model Incremental Response
Building on Eric Siegel’s opening keynote, this session will dive deeper into why a switch to uplift modelling is needed and showing the hugely positive impact it can have when implemented effectively. Using case studies from Lloyds TSB and US Bank, Nicholas Radcliffe will then go on to explain how uplift models can actually be built and assessed as well as looking at real-world results from other companies and sectors.

Network with 2000 decision makers

Running for the first time in the UK as part of Data Driven Business Week, Predictive Analytics World London will be one of three conferences (Predictive Analytics World, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and Conversion Conference) all designed to empower business to strategise and optimise using data analytics. The event is also being co-located with ECMOD, Europe’s largest and most influential forum for catalogue, home shopping and multi-channel businesses, now running in its 21st year. Based on past attendances the total audience for DDBW and ECMOD will be over 2000 providing excellent networking opportunities for all attendees.

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