Data Shortcuts So You Can Spend More Time Managing Your Business

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Big data is a pivotal technology in modern business. A growing number of businesses are using big data to boost the efficiency of their operations. Despite its benefits, only 53% of companies use data analytics. Companies that fail to utilize data-based technologies effectively will fall behind.

You’ve likely heard the phrase that time is money. That’s true for any business, but it’s particularly accurate for managed service providers (MSPs). Efficiency is vital, and you can reduce wasted time by using the right big data tools.

Here are some important big data technologies that can help streamline your operations.

Offer Real-Time Analytics

This is also known as streaming analytics. It isn’t enough to wait a day or just an hour to look at data once it’s produced. Your clients need to make data-driven decisions immediately.

To keep up, MSP’s need to use monitoring systems that can easily handle big data. These platforms allow you to save time while offering more valuable services to your customers. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, clients can’t afford any errors in their IT approach. Once you’ve put a data system in place, you can automatically offer responses to alerts and alarms. This allows you to meaningfully analyze the impact on your clients.

Offer Microsoft Backups

It’s up to your MSP company to make sure that your client’s data is protected when they are using Microsoft 365. That’s similar to any software as a service (SaaS) applications. Your business customers shouldn’t rely on the software provider to back up their information. Microsoft probably does try to prevent information loss from a catastrophic failure in their facility. But they don’t protect your clients’ data from being lost because of accidental overwriting or deletion of the information, making Microsoft 365 backup vital for anyone that uses this company’s products.

Every once in a while, make sure that your tools can back up data in Microsoft applications. When you’re choosing the right product, make sure it can restore individual emails, SharePoint sites, and files. You don’t want to have to restore an entire inbox just to get one message. The backup tool should also let you save restored data to a location you choose. For example, that might be back to the Microsoft cloud. In some situations, you may need to restore to different subscriptions or another server.

Offer Cloud Computing

One reason cloud computing is becoming so popular is that it allows companies to access services and applications faster than before, saving time. As an MSP, you can provide a more flexible cloud model using a cloud. It’s a more cost-effective solution for your needs, and you likely already have the resources and manpower to deploy it. When your clients choose services that give them flexibility and security in the cloud, they’ll have a more seamless experience.

Offer Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Using IAM removes the need for identity management hardware on-site. That’s one less thing you need to worry about. With IAM, you can remotely resolve many issues instead of having to commute to your client’s site. Since IAM is a software as a service (SaaS), you don’t need to spend time configuring it and making sure it’s reliable. That’s the provider’s responsibility. That way, you can spend more time ensuring your clients’ environments operate easily and providing a complete solution for your clients by integrating new technology. That also gives you more time to manage your business.

Big Data Initiatives Are Integral to the Efficiency of Modern Businesses

Small businesses need to utilize big data to offer their services efficiently. The technologies listed above are incredibly important for companies trying to thrive in the new digital age.

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