Is AI-Generated Content a Net Positive for Businesses?

AI content has a number of benefits and drawbacks for small businesses.

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Global businesses are projected to spend over $420 billion on AI technology by 2028. One of the biggest reasons they are investing in AI is to improve their marketing strategies.

You’re in the process of hiring another copywriter for your business, and you had a colleague tell you to try out AI-generated content. AI-generated content has been all the buzz lately as technology gets increasingly smarter, so it’s hard to tell when it’s appropriate and effective to use it. As of last month, over 200 ebooks on Amazon listed ChatGPT as an author or co-author.

AI content has helped a number of businesses. While major technology companies like Amazon have obviously used AI for years, smaller companies use it as well. Jeremiah Campbell, an owner of Brickworks Property Restoration, has reported using AI as well.

AI technology has helped us push our digital marketing efforts into overdrive and automate many tasks that we used to outsource. This is important for small businesses trying to manage costs during a recession.

Campbell states.

Now, let’s get into the pros and cons of using AI-generated content for your business.

Pros of AI-Generated Content

There are plenty of positives when it comes to using AI-generated content for your business. After all, it’s a helpful tool that’s designed to perform exactly what you tell it to. There’s a good reason that many businesses are starting to make use of AI tools to help them with their content.

The top 3 pros for using AI-generated content:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Consistent in tone and style

Increased Efficiency

One of the major advantages of using AI-generated content for your business is that it increases efficiency. While it may take a team member an hour to complete a blog post, an AI can perform the task in minutes. In turn, this saves businesses time and resources that can be better spent on tasks and functions that require human intervention and focus.


If you’re looking to save on costs with your business, using AI-generated content can help save you quite a bit of money. Making use of AI-generated content means you don’t have to hire out for content – or at the very least, you don’t need to have as many employees. This is why one of the biggest benefits of using AI-generated content is that it’s cost-effective.

Consistent in Tone and Style

Another helpful benefit of AI-generated content is that it can be incredibly consistent with tone and style. Consistency is important when it comes to content, and sometimes it can be more challenging for a human to replicate the same style and tone throughout a piece.

Cons of AI-Generated Content

While there are plenty of positive benefits to using AI-generated content for your business, there are also some downsides to it. It’s important to keep in mind what content you’re wanting to generate as there are some pieces that don’t do well with an AI conjuring it up.

Top 3 cons for using AI-generated content:

  • Lacks originality and creativity
  • Usually requires human intervention
  • Impersonal in nature

Lacks Originality and Creativity

AI-generated content is great at putting together pieces of content, but don’t expect it to create something original or creative. Seeing as AI-generated content uses information already available to it, it’s impossible for it to be innovative in its own right. This could shine through in the content it creates for you – and not in a good way.

Usually Requires Human Intervention

If you decide to use AI-generated content for your business, you’ll most likely need at least one person who edits and revises the content. You don’t want your content to look as though it’s written by a machine, and this can only be corrected if a human has hands on it.

Impersonal in Nature

AI-generated content isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are plenty of pieces of content that it just cannot perform effectively or accurately, particularly due to its impersonal nature. It’s important to keep in mind that a machine can never entirely replicate a human voice.

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