Improve Your Business on Instagram with AI Tools

Artificial intelligence technology has become a core aspect of modern Instagram marketing in 2021.

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Artificial intelligence has become an invaluable part of modern marketing. A growing number of companies are using AI technology to better understand their customers, personalize content and develop more targeted and engaging content.

One of the ways that AI technology is helping shape modern marketing strategies is with Instagram marketing. Many social media marketers have discovered a number of AI-driven tools that have made Instagram marketing more effective than ever. A growing number of tools that uses AI technology to significantly improve their Instagram engagement strategy.

AI Technology is the Future of Instagram Marketing

Growing your Instagram presence can be vital to growing your business. It will be even more useful if you use AI tools to improve your approach. So, we talked to Blastup – a social media company that helps individuals and businesses alike do so.

1. Use Machine Learning to Find Your Ideal Platforms

Small businesses need to have accounts in various social media platforms used by their audience. When you are choosing the right platforms for your business, it is going to depend on the type of business, demographic, and social media platforms that are most popular. 25- to 34-year-olds make up about 32 percent of Instagram users. If this age group is your target customer, then you have to prioritize Instagram.

Pinterest makes the most sense for visual businesses, like advertising agencies or interior design firms. You don’t have to create a Pinterest account just because you have to. It is vital to ensure that this visual component is going to make sense for your business. You also need to check the demographic using Pinterest so you can make sure it aligns with your audience.

Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are very popular, so it is important to make sure you have an account and remain active on these platforms.

This can all seem very complicated. Fortunately, machine learning technology can make things a lot easier. You can use AI-powered tools like Quantcast and Alexa to learn more about the demographics of the different social networking sites available. This will help you choose the right ones for your marketing strategy.

2. Use AI to Create Highly Valuable Content

When you have a presence on social media, you have to post content. Make sure you have a social media calendar that will have content that will appeal to your audience. For the platforms you sign up for, make sure you have completed the profile in its entirety then start posting. You have to do this even if you don’t have followers. You can share things like;

  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Useful content from other brands
  • Team photos

Take advantage of the power of storytelling and also consider current issues and trends. You need to fill your social media account with content that is going to attract followers. Look for creative ideas to engage with the audience. New visitors are going to check out your feed to see what you have been sharing. Two or three posts will not be enough to convince your audience to follow you.

Data analytics technology has made Instagram storytelling much more effective. You need to know how to use it appropriately.

AI technology has become more important than ever when it comes to creating quality content. There are actually new machine learning tools that will create blog posts. Some of them will extract the audio from Creative Commons videos on YouTube and convert it into text. Other AI tools will use algorithms to create content that is based on other content available online. Other AI tools don’t necessarily create content per se, but they use machine learning algorithms to extract information that can be used to create new content a lot more efficiently.

Data-driven content marketing is a lot more effective these days. More marketers are going to discover innovative ways to utilize AI to create highly valuable content for their social media marketing campaigns.

3. Following Real People and Businesses

While it is easy to buy likes, it is not a good idea. Social media is a tool that you are going to use to be more transparent and give others a peek into your business. If your followers and likes come from fake, purchased accounts, people are going to see that.

You need to focus on a social media account that is going to give you tangible results instead of something just for show. If you want to do this, make sure you follow real brands, people, and accounts that are going to grow your followers. When you follow some accounts, they are going to follow you back. Show them that you are legit and not just an account being followed by fake accounts and bots.

If you want to find real and quality accounts you can follow, search for hashtags and keywords related to the industry. Go to the different platforms then search for people relevant or who have an interest in the industry. You can also check out who your competitors are following. Look for influencers on platforms like LinkedIn, share their content, and join groups. Through this, you will add like-minded individuals to your inner circle. Before you reach out and make connections, make sure you are going to provide value to the conversation. Twitter gives you suggestions for people you can follow and see the relationships others have. Use such tools because they improve your social media efforts.

This is an underutilized benefit of AI tools. You can use machine learning technology to accurately profile your target customers and mine data on the. This data can be imported into a contact management system, where you will be able to better connect with them.

4. Cross-Promoting Your Networks

Cross-promoting your accounts is going to allow you to go the extra mile of building your following. Share your Twitter account on Facebook and vice-versa. You can do this in a not-so-obvious way. Share a link on your Facebook on your Twitter feed. This is going to help you when you want to share a long post but is limited by the character count on Twitter.

Other tips that can help you when you want to cross-promote include advertising your social media accounts on your business cards, newsletter, print marketing, and at the bottom of your emails. Adding follow buttons and social media links on your blog, website, and email newsletter is also going to help. There is a good chance that your followers are going to follow your account on other social media platforms because they already like what you say.

5. Use AI to Schedule Content Posting Appropriately

You have to post regularly if you want to keep a strong social media presence. When you post regularly, there are more opportunities for your followers to share your posts. Posting frequently is also important because you will rise to the top of your followers’ feed. You are going to be on their mind.

Apart from your original content, you can also share information by others. Helps your readers out by answering questions; you can even go the extra mile of asking them the type of information they find helpful. You can use Instagram stories, polls or Twitter to find such information. Avoid publishing too frequently. It is important to have a healthy balance and remain accountable by having a social media calendar that is going to track your posts for the week.

AI technology can be highly useful when you need to find a rhythm for posting content. You will be able to use sophisticated analytics tools to identify the posting times that can get the best engagement. Your AI-driven content management systems can use this data to automate your content schedules.

6. Engaging with Followers

Apart from posting content, you also need to connect directly with your audience. You can buy Instagram followers to boost your account. It can take some time, depending on the platform, because some encourage chattiness. If someone leaves a comment on your post, then try to reply. This is a simple thing to do, and it is going to allow one-on-one interaction with the audience. This is going to help you with your social media efforts.

If you want to see the comments and interaction fast, consider turning your notifications or setting a reminder to check the comments. Responding is going to attract new followers and your audience is going to respect you. Audiences love connecting with brands, and you can impress them by doing that. Thank everyone for connecting with you and try opening up a conversation with those who have tagged you or mentioned you.

AI Technology Has Made Instagram Marketing a Lot Effective

There are a ton of benefits of using AI technology to facilitate your digital marketing efforts. Instagram marketing is a prime example. You want to utilize the right tools to make the most of your marketing strategy.

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