How Cloud Customer Support Helps Your Business Grow

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Cloud came into existence and brought in some unprecedented innovations along with it. The idea of creating a common and efficient communication platform became a reality with this technology, and it also supported new innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Cloud has proved itself a forward-looking technology, and any field that needs storage and retrieval of data has found it to be very worthy. This is why cloud customer support is an excellent choice for most businesses. Recent past has supported this fact that the potential of the cloud is immense, and to tap its technological advantages, more number of companies have adopted cloud and are still adapting. A survey done by Rightscale suggests that cloud is gradually becoming a choice of a large number of businesses. Public cloud adoption increased to 92 percent in 2018 from 89 percent in 2017. Scalability and flexibility of cloud fit in perfectly with the ongoing trends and technology. The user-friendliness of cloud makes it quite liable to opt for various business needs. Considering the focus on customers, with the superimposition of cloud and customer support; every business has become more customer-centric. Further to this, the migration of cloud has brought several changes to keep the customer service scenario more promising and cloud-hosted customer support is becoming widespread. But why should one migrate to cloud customer support, and how it is producing some great results? Let’s look into it with more detail.

The Transformation

The migration of cloud in customer support environment is happening, and there is no doubt that the results are making this transformation more promising with the passage of time. Research has revealed that the inclination towards cloud is widespread. CallCenterIQ research suggests that by the end of 2016, 76% of the organizations were interested in investing in cloud-hosted call center solutions. In the current scenario, LogicMonitor’s survey suggests that by 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads will be on the cloud. It is also true that not all the companies are going to opt for the cloud solutions because of their familiarity with the traditional. Some of the companies have already invested in the premise based call center solutions but the transformation is taking place, gradually. There is a big lot of customers who are technically sound and find themselves easy with the ongoing trends and technology and don’t give it a second thought while trying something new that may bring better results.

Data Is The Key

In a call center environment, every step taken produces data, and one can not afford to miss out on the information that these customer data carry. Every information has some potential that can enhance the total productivity. The analysis of the data leads to meaningful deductions related to the customers that can further bring in some meaningful changes to the customer support environment. Different type of businesses has different results if the customers prefer to be contacted via email or voice-based support. The cloud-hosted call center software provides many deduced results from the customer related data. These results help the agents to bring invaluable information to the fore while having a conversation with the customers. For example, a Mckinsey survey of over 700 organizations has suggested that all these companies are spending on analytics to increase competitive intelligence over others and it has resulted into an operating profit increase in the range of 6 percent. With such information handy the agents become more efficient for delivering a good customer support. And a customer with a feeling of being well understood ends up becoming a satisfied customer.

Cost Effectiveness

You can not ignore the facts that are related to the economics of your business, and these ideas mostly depend on the decisions you take while choosing a particular technology and the way it is going to be utilized by the employees in an effective way towards better results. Cost-effectiveness comes with the cloud and you are given a lot of autonomy to choose only the relevant features. The initial setup of the cloud-hosted call center doesn’t ask for any substantial investment. The agent needs a good internet connection and few types of equipment to carry on the customer support. Once the call center software is installed on the computer, this interface gets immediately ready to give customer support with a lot many information handy. The agent can work independently and can be located anywhere. For the call center manager too, it gets a lot easier to monitor the agents and keep them informed and updated.

Predictive Dialing

Migration towards cloud has made the call center environment intelligent as well. As the customers are getting more aware day by day and are being more selective towards the services. Cloud Predictive Dialer has brought in a big change in the contemporary call center environment.

Now customers are more likely to connect with the agents because predictive dialers work based on an algorithm, and it takes the specific customer data into consideration for choosing an appropriate time to make the outbound call. The specific data related to the customers are mostly utilized well by the predictive dialers and a specific time is chosen to call the customers. This particular time is based on the time zones and the demographics of the customers. In this way, the customer is accessed according to the results from the statistics of the data.

Migration Towards A Greener Side

Cloud solution is green and opting for cloud hosting is a sincere way towards improving the environment. Most of the data centers are opting for the green ways towards the environment, and because of the same reason, big companies are concerned to keep the environment safe and sound. The migration towards cloud ensures that you don’t have to develop an infrastructure and get various equipment to run a call center. One can run a virtual call center in the least equipment needed. ‘ This helps to reduce the IT waste to a considerable level and it also reduces the need for electricity to maintain a traditional infrastructure.

Migratory Benefits Are Still Counting

The benefits of the moving customer support to cloud are still counting. Because of the cloud, the current scenario has become highly productive, and the focus on the customers has become a priority. Customers are the just looking for a good business solution in the least time invested and cloud-hosted call centers are ensuring the same. The cloud innovations have reduced the gap between customer needs and the services by its offerings. It has worked in tandem with the contemporary scenario of business and customer interests. If the customers in your orbit are well understood, then it becomes quite easier for you to give the services in its best possible way. Moving customer support to cloud is making the customers more predictable. And anything that is predictable also becomes easily manageable.

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