How Can Data Science Help in Spying Your Competitors’ Moves?

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Curiosity is the mother of invention. Being curious about your competitor’s moves and business strategies is an effective way of determining your capabilities and ranking strategies to bring out the best of your skills and business ideas. The feeling of competency and rivalry works in your favor by helping you concentrate and work towards an innovative space. Businesses that belong to the same niche and genre are often head-to-head for customers. To remain competitive, companies are now resorting to data science and some ranking pros of connected technology to stay on the same page as their competitors.

Ethical competition is a real thing, and it should be noted that its relevance on the internet is as equally important as in offline businesses. In the long run, this is going to work in your favor to retain a loyal and repetitive consumer base. In this post, we are going to discuss the less traversed paths of competitive intelligence and online spying tools that will provide you with concrete insight into the working space, strategies, and ideology of your competitors.

Here are some of the best data science practices that will help you in spying on your competitor’s moves.

Google Alerts

Probably one of the easiest ways to keep a track of your competitor’s every move, Google Alerts is very effective in spying for new online strategies. All you need to do is set up a Google Alerts account to alert you any time your competitor’s name is mentioned in the news, on the web, etc. and you’ll get an exact record of every move that your competitor is making. Every time your competitor gets a mention on the internet, you will receive a notification email (usually a digest of mentions not a single email every time – that would be overwhelming!). You’ll quickly pick up on changes to your competitor’s business model, and new tactics they are exploring. This method has, over time, proven to be the cheapest, fastest, and most effective method to stalking your competitor’s brand.


Brand24 is a great spying tool which helps in tracking any mention of your competitor’s brand and business in real time. It shows all interactions taking place among social influencers about your competitor’s brand and business. These social influencers are known for monitoring each and every activity taking place for any brand online and they often provide a detailed insight into the strategies and ideologies involved. Comparing social mentions, keeping track of newly searched terms of your competitors, and monitoring their SEO strategies becomes easy with the Brand24 spying tool.


SPYFU tool is specifically meant for getting hold of your competitor’s SEO-related information and strategies. This also includes their keyword strategies and fundamentals. Using SPYFU, you can keep a close check on your competitor’s advertising campaigns, organic search analytics, and links and ranking history among other useful pieces of information.

Similar Web

Similar Web is yet another spying tool which is also popularly known as the tool of competitive analysis. Similar Web is known for providing businesses with their competitor’s traffic resources, social mentions, top content topics and many more useful information! Similar Web comes with both free and premium packages and it provides users with a wide array of data including their competitor’s referral sites and searches traffic, to name a few!

Monitor Backlinks and Link Alerts

Data science has provided us with tools that help in determining which link is worthy and which is not. You can use these for increasing your online search visibility. Link alerts provide you with not only the links to your own brand and backlink history, but can also be used to track you competitor’s backlink analysis information.

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