Your Guide To Using Big Data For Microsoft Dynamics Projects

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Big data has been seamlessly integrated into numerous Microsoft applications over the years. One of the newest applications to take advantage of big data features is Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft has provided a detailed overview of the way that it uses big data in this application. Anybody using Microsoft Dynamics should embrace the features big data has made available. They should be familiar with the fundamentals of big data and the role that it plays in this new applications. Machine learning capabilities are at the heart of many of the features of Microsoft Dynamics.

Machine Learning and Big Data Are Integral to Microsoft Dynamics

There are many individuals who look forward to learning Microsoft Dynamics. It is a business solution by Microsoft. It is often labeled as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. These applications can be tricky to use and the benefits of such solutions can only be taken advantage of if they are deployed properly. Therefore, any business which is looking to use Dynamics 365 will first acquire the services of a person who has the ability to deploy it in the right manner. There are numerous features such as document customizer, analytics, BI, etc. that are to be considered when you are using it. It is important to learn the software thoroughly and the benefits big data offers to it. Big data has been instrumental to the evolution of this remarkable CMS. Here is how you can do it.


The first way to know about any software is by checking its documentation. The documentation is a written guideline which tells you about various features of a program and how to use it properly. Microsoft has a dedicated section on their website that deals with the documentation of Dynamics 365 so the users can check it out and get help from it where required. Thus, if you are willing to know about the application, you can always check its documentation. This documentation doesn?t delve much into the benefits of big data, so you need to learn about that on your own.

Dedicated dynamics websites

There are a number of dedicated websites that deal with dynamics only. These websites have helping material and tutorials regarding the use of dynamics and how you can put it into practice effectively and efficiently. They rely heavily on machine learning to provide a better user experience and improve on the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics. For instance, Use Dynamics is a portal which uses many big data features. It can be very helpful for the users who are willing to equip themselves with the knowledge of Dynamics. The website has numerous tutorials that address various aspects of the software in question and allows you to acquire thorough knowledge about the software.

Dedicated educational websites

There are several dedicated portals for online education such as Udemy, EDX, Lynda and Alison which can come to your assistance. These portals have complete courses from various instructors that deal with a diverse range of topics. One is very much likely to find a decent course that addresses the use of dynamics. However, how thorough is it and what you can expect from the course depends on its content, course material and your instructor.

Microsoft virtual academy

Microsoft has a wide range of applications that deal with the needs of numerous people. So, they have established a dedicated online portal under the name of Microsoft Virtual Academy, or MVA, which provides education to people about numerous Microsoft applications. One can learn the app of his or her choice and can effectively put the learning into practice to achieve the desired results.

YouTube tutorials

Lastly, the YouTube tutorials regarding dynamics can come to your assistance. But they are suggested only when you are stuck with a particular aspect of dynamics and don?t know how to get over with it. So, the short YouTube tutorials may provide you an overview of a certain feature of dynamics 365. For instance, if you are stuck with the use of document customizer, you can search for it on YouTube and may find a relevant tutorial.

Understand the Relevance of Big Data for Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a complex tool that has a number of impressive features. You will have an easier time exploiting these features if you learn about the big data science behind it.

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