Essential Productivity Hacks in Cloud-Centric Workplaces

The cloud has made it easier for companies to boost productivity, but they still need to use this technology wisely.

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The market for cloud technology is growing remarkably. One study shows spending on cloud services doubled between 2017 and 2020 from $30 billion to $60 billion.

Cloud technology is changing the face of the modern workplace. More companies than ever are leveraging the cloud to boost productivity, improve customer service strategies and streamline the research and development process.

A report by Flexera shows that 57% of all businesses have migrated their work to the cloud as of 2020. The pandemic played a huge shift in this adoption of cloud technology. The trend is likely to further accelerate as more businesses discover the benefits and feel the pressure to utilize the cloud to retain a competitive edge.

Any company that leverages cloud technology will need to so in a way that ensures maximum productivity. Keep reading to learn more.

How Can Companies Maximize Productivity with Cloud Technology?

Any successful business understands the importance of productivity in the workplace. A productive workplace ensures more profit for the company and enhances business relationships. It is directly linked to outstanding customer service and plays a significant role in maintaining client loyalty. A company thrives because of the continuous support of clients who are satisfied with the service and are willing to recommend the business to others. Additionally, the company’s employees provide excellent work because they have motivation from their management; hence, they thrive in the workplace environment.

Fortunately, the cloud can help companies boost productivity immensely. One study found that 79% of business professionals using cloud technology have reported a boost in productivity.

Productivity gains driven by cloud computing have tangible benefits for the company. Generally, a business that nurtures productivity achieves its goals. Thus, employees can expect more incentives such as raises and bonuses, which push them even more to produce excellent work for the company’s benefit. For that reason, productivity in the workplace is an essential factor in the success of any business, and business owners who recognize its significance thrive even when competition is stiff in their chosen industry.

Of course, having the right employees working in the company is key to running a productive business. However, finding the most qualified people for the company’s specific needs can take much time and effort.

The benefits of finding the right employees will also be minimal if they don’t have the right tools. Therefore, it is imperative to have the right cloud resources and know how to tap them to ensure employees stay productive.

After deciding on hiring new talent, an effective employee onboarding process helps the new hire understand more about the company and their specific responsibilities so they can fit in quickly and be more confident about accomplishing their assigned tasks.

Below are strategies to improve workplace productivity.

Provide office workers with up-to-date office equipment and cloud solutions

Regardless of whether a company is starting or established, the productivity of its employees greatly depends on the type of equipment available to them. When employees work with modern equipment, productivity increases, work is accomplished quickly, and the business runs smoothly. If the company cannot provide employees with quality tools to work with, they cannot be expected to be efficient. Additionally, the company’s image is enhanced when it is equipped with the latest technology.

There are a number of cloud tools that your company can use to ensure employees remain as productive as possible. Todoist, 1Password, Xero and Google Drive are some of the most important cloud resources for companies trying to boost productivity on the cloud.

However, it is important to not overinvest in cloud technology. You will find that some tools have a long learning curve and you don’t want to spend the resources on them if they won’t be used frequently. Make sure that you invest in cloud tools that you intend to use often enough for them to have a decent ROI.

Minimize unnecessary meetings… even on the cloud

Most of the time, employees have less time to perform productive tasks due to unnecessary meetings. Most of these meetings take up a lot of their precious time, which they could otherwise use to complete essential responsibilities. So, keep meetings to a minimum, focusing only on business plans and advisories that employees should be aware of. While meetings are crucial to building teamwork and maintaining open communication lines among employees and management, it is just as necessary to increase productivity by allowing employees to get their work done.

Some companies have resorted to using the cloud to host meetings instead of using them in person. The problem is that this might make them tempted to host meetings more often that are needed, because they are easier to setup. However, time wasted hosting cloud-based meetings is still time that is wasted.

Avoid micro-managing

The cloud makes it easier to keep on top of your employees behavior. Lots of cloud-based project management tools help employers keep tabs on their team member’s work. While there are a lot of benefits of cloud tools used to monitor employee performance, there is also a risk that you will pay too much attention to irrelevant details.

It is understandable to want to ensure that your employees perform their best and accomplish their specific tasks. It is your business, and you want to be on top of everything in the workplace. However, micro-managing can impact employee productivity, making them feel that they aren’t competent enough to get the job done. When you hire employees, you know they are capable of the work you hired them for. There is no reason why you should not offer your assistance should they come to you with questions about their assigned tasks. However, it can be stressful for employees to work when you are constantly behind them and checking if they are getting things right.

Use Cloud Technology to Enhance Productivity

Keeping your workplace productive is a sure way to keep your business flourishing. Cloud and AI technology can help boost productivity considerably. However, it is important to utilize it effectively.

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