Data-Driven SEO Is A Crucial Channel For Savvy Marketers

Savvy marketers can use data-driven SEO to help their business thrive - here's how.

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Big data has always been at the forefront of the digital marketing movement. Sensible marketers recognize that AI, machine learning and other big data technologies are crucial to the success of their marketing efforts.

One of the ways that big data has been most effective is with SEO. One expert recently pointed out that big data has brought four major benefits to SEO.

The Growing Importance of Data-Driven SEO

When it comes time to consider the multitude of digital marketing channels available, and trying to identify the most effective method to drive new and valuable traffic to your website and your business, the choices can be overwhelming. In recent years, search engine optimization has continued to prove its relevance and importance in the digital marketing space, and for good reason. Big data has played a very important role in this trend.

While most other digital marketing channels simply provide your users with a path towards your website, SEO actually helps people to find your website while also providing them with useful and engaging information. Big data has accelerated the trend, which is why companies like Ahrefs are working to bring big data to SEO professionals.

Take a look below at just a few of the many advantages of running a strong SEO strategy, and if you are feeling overwhelmed about where to start, think about hiring a SEO company who can get you off in the right direction and start producing results as soon as possible. With a strong SEO campaign, neither you nor your customers will see anything except benefits.

SEO Provides Actual Value To Your Audience

When you are running a PPC campaign or some other type of digital ad campaign, all of your effort goes into optimizing your ad headers and descriptions, targeting specific locations, and fine-tuning your bid strategy. When you focus that energy into an SEO campaign, you are actually focusing on providing your users with useful and engaging information that they want and need. SEO, by design, requires that you are identifying your audience’s needs and providing them with answers to their problems. This is why combining big data and SEO is so important. How many people thank you for how useful an ad headline was? Big data can help you understand this trend in better detail.

Stop Paying For Access to Traffic That Was Already Searching For You

Think about running a pay-per-click campaign: what is actually going on? You are paying a search engine to capture traffic that was headed your way anyway. Doesn’t that kind of feel like extortion? Of course, PPC has its benefits; however, instead of paying for a limited volume of traffic (as little as 2% of all search engine users engage with paid ads), use your marketing budget to generate useful content and capture organic search traffic as you climb your way up the rankings.

Ranking High on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) Matters

If your website is available to be indexed by search engines, then it will end up on the search engine results pages no matter what you do. However, ask yourself this: when is the last time YOU clicked past the second page of search results? How about the last time you’ve clicked a result that doesn’t show on your screen immediately? The majority of search engine users rarely click below the fifth result, with the majority of that traffic going to the first and second rankings. By improving your SEO results with big data, you are boosting your signal in a measurable and meaningful way.

SEO Impacts Your Other Digital Advertising Channels

Google uses a mysterious and comprehensive set of factors while determining a page’s Quality Score, including the “landing page experience.” This experience takes into account a lot of things, many of which are central to your SEO strategies, such as keyword optimization and relevance. Other aspects of your quality score include the actual relevance of your ad, and with a focused SEO strategy already in motion, you will know the keywords that you must focus on, and therefore will remove a lot of the guesswork in your PPC efforts. By optimizing for SEO, you are improving all other areas of your inbound marketing efforts.

Big Data is Redefining SEO

Big data has been pivotal to digital marketing for the past several years. SEO professionals can attest to the benefits of big data int heir field. They should use the latest big data tools to get the most benefit for their clients.

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