Data-Driven Ideas for Implementing Blogger Outreach Strategies

Data-driven marketing is changing in multiple ways, including a greater reliance on big data for blogger outreach.

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The evolution of data technology has started to influence the field of marketing. One application of big data is with blogger outreach, which is a critical aspect of SEO linkbuilding and offsite branding. This is one of the best examples of data driven linkbuilding.

When you are creating a marketing strategy for your business, you have a number of things to consider. Fortunately, big data can be very useful in reaching these goals. In 2020, there are so many big data tools at your disposal, and you’ll find that often, what works for one business won’t work for another.

We previously talked about the benefits of big data and AI for blogging. Some of those same benefits can be expanded to blogger outreach as well.

Blogger outreach is an increasingly popular strategy for many businesses across the world. This is one area where big data can be particularly effective. Below, we discuss why this is something you should consider.

How Does Data Technology Influence Blogger Outreach

Big data is changing the field of blogger outreach in powerful ways. Some of the biggest advantages of using data-driven approaches to SEO and blogger outreach are listed below.

Using Data Mining to Procure Sites to Partner with

One of the most difficult aspects of blogger outreach is finding sites to partner with. You can find a lot of data mining tools, such as Skrayp, can be very effective at finding sites to form partnerships with.

Using Big Data to Weigh the Value of a Potential Partner Site

Not all blogs are equally beneficial for a blogger outreach strategy. Some have much higher domain authorities and page rank, which gives them more value for SEO. They may also have more traffic, which is better for branding as well.

A lot of big data tools make it easier to assess the value of a website before reaching out to them. Moz’s Domain Authority Checker and SEMRush’s search engine ranking checker use data analytics to help marketers estimate the value of these sites.

Data Analytics is Ideal for Monitoring the Effectiveness of Outreach Strategies

You probably use an email marketing strategy to find new bloggers to work with. You may find some email templates are better than others. You can use data analytics tools to gauge the response rates of various outreach processes and optimize them for better results.

Benefits of Data-Driven Outreach Approaches

There are a lot of great benefits of using big data to streamline and optimize your blogger outreach strategy. Some data-driven blogger outreach ideas are listed below.

Building Backlinks

One of the main reasons why you might want to consider a data-driven blogger outreach as a part of your marketing strategy is that it can help you to build quality backlinks. Blogger outreach is similar to link building strategies, but it often involves a more targeted approach. When you engage in blogger outreach or you get an experienced company to do it for you, you can ensure the links are high-quality and beneficial to your brand. Ahrefs uses big data to assess the link profiles of any website, which is key to choosing a site to partner with.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Often, reaching your target audience can be tricky, especially if your business is new to the industry. If you can’t reach your target audience, you won’t make those sales, and this can be problematic. However, if you consider blogger outreach as a key part of your marketing strategy for 2021, you can reach those potential customers. As long as you are using bloggers that are relevant to your industry and that have a strong influence, you can get the desired results.

This is one area where big data can be particularly effective. You can use data analytics to determine the audience of a blog and see how it aligns with your target demographic. Alexa and Quantcast are examples of sites that use data analytics to better gauge the demographics of different publishers.

It Is Effective

If you are looking for a strong marketing strategy, then blogger outreach should be at the top of your list. The great thing about blogger outreach is that its success is easy to measure with the right data analytics tools at your disposal. You can see the clicks to your website, analyze everything carefully and make those conversions! Then, if the blogger that you have used isn’t getting you the results you need, you can try something else.

You Don’t Need to Do It Yourself

In 2020, the internet is filled with blogs and figuring out which one is relevant to your brand is very tricky. On top of that, bloggers can be hard to contact as they typically have a lot of interested parties hoping to secure a spot on their page. However, when you use a professional blogger outreach company, this process is really straightforward. Don’t let yourself get put off by all of the work that needs to be done as you can leave it to the experts.

Use Data-Driven Blogger Outreach for Optimal Results

If blogger outreach is not something that you have yet considered for your marketing strategy, now is the time to try it out. As long as you build a partnership with the right kinds of bloggers, you can see the results in no time at all. Not only will you be able to reach your target audience quickly, but you’ll also build some high-quality backlinks. Make sure to give this a try in your upcoming 2021 marketing strategy and see how effective it can be.

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