Big Data Platforms Assist with Spreading Health and Safety Awareness

Big data platforms are helping improve health and safety training programs when the world needs them the most.

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We have talked extensively about the multitude of benefits that big data provides to companies in every sector. While most of our discussions focus around the financial benefits of data technology to these organizations, there are some more holistic advantages as well. One reason to invest in big data technology is to help educate the populace and key decisionmakers about health and safety practices. Data-driven training programs were developed a long time ago, but they are now being repurposed to help inform people about health and safety practices.

Health and safety in the workplace is one of the primary concerns of employers and the government in the UK. Traditionally, it has been difficult to get messages out to employees beyond workplace training and development. Fortunately, as more companies discover the opportunities to use big data to spread these messages, it is becoming a lot easier.

Workplace health and safety is now embracing digital platforms to reach workers across industries. Tackling some of the most pressing health and safety issues employees face in the modern workplace.

How can digital platforms raise awareness about health and safety?

As the world moves increasingly online, health and safety marketing has moved along with it. Integrating various platforms that rely on big data help campaigns reach their target audiences and deliver the health and safety messages they need.

They can use the same big data programs that are already being implemented for employee training. The below are few examples of health and safety awareness campaigns that have really caught the imaginations of employers and employees alike:

Mates in Mind

In partnership with the Health in Construction Leadership Group, the British Safety Council launched the ‘Mates in Mind’ charity. Aiming to support the 2.1 million construction workers in the UK, ‘Mates in Mind’ hopes to open up mental health conversations within the industry.

With a growing number of industry supporters, ‘Mates in Mind’ uses complex data analytics and AI tools to deliver its mental health resources via its website. Their approach is to empower construction workers to understand the intricacies of mental health and to spot problems within themselves and their colleagues. Their flagship website delivers resources and information about where they can get the help and support the need.

Speak up, Stay Safe

Initiated by the British Safety Council, the ‘Speak Up, Stay Safe’ campaign aims to ignite young people’s interest in staying safe at work. The campaign focusses on developing confident communication skills, putting them at the heart of health and safety best practices.

‘Speak Up, Stay Safe’ was initially rolled out via Twitter and Facebook, two platforms that encourage open dialogue between participants. The campaign aimed to meet young people where they were and guide them toward an incredible platform full of safety tips, hacks, advice on protective clothing and confidence-boosting exercises to get young people to speak up about health and safety. Today, it uses more sophisticated big data tools to facilitate discussions about health and safety topics.

Stop and Think SAFE

Developed by the Farm Safety Partnership in response to high rates of serious accidents and fatalities on farms in Northern Ireland, the ‘Stop and Think SAFE’ campaign has been tackling the four leading causes of injury on farms: slurry, animals, falls, equipment (SAFE). It has come up with a number of clever educational campaigns with the latest data analytics tools at its fingertips.

Launched initially as a multi-media advertising campaign in 2013, the ‘Stop and Think SAFE’ message has since been rolled out across digital platforms such as Facebook and most successfully, YouTube in 2017. Its powerful messages have helped reduce risks on farms and raise awareness of health and safety in the farming industry.

Big Data is Central to the Latest Health and Safety Training Programs

A number of organizations are finding creative ways to leverage big data technology to educate their employees and other stakeholders. They have found that big data is invaluable for teaching people about health and safety tips.

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