Big Data For Instagram: Using Data To Perfect Your Instagram Storyboard

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Do you want to create Instagram stories like a pro, but don?t know how to go about it? You have come to the right page because we are going to discuss how you create the storyboard for Instagram stories. The good news is that big data has made it easier than ever to create powerful Instagram content.

How Big Data is Making Instagram Stories More Effective

Instagram marketers can?t ignore the benefits of big data. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom recently announced that big data is becoming a leading big data company.

Instagram isn?t the only company focused on the benefits of big data. The marketers that use the platform need to consider the implications of AI, machine learning and other data technology as well. Here are some of the benefits of big data in Instagram marketing:

  • Machine learning helps you gauge your audience?s response to different Instagram stories
  • AI tools use big data to create better content
  • Predictive analytics tools use machine learning to get a better understanding of the ROI of various time slots (this is something that many Instagram analytics tools consider)

Getting Started With Your Instagram Marketing Campaign With Big Data

There is no surprise that Instagram stories help businesses attract new Instagram followers, drive more sales and increase engagement. But all you need to have a perfect game plane to gain more followers using Instagram stories. Follow this guide before investing your time to create the Instagram story. In this article, we will discuss the steps of content creation in order to create awesome Instagram stories.

#1: What is Your Definitive Goal with This Instagram Story? Whatever you post on Instagram feed or Instagram story, it should come back to your definitive goals. When you are going to create the Instagram story for your brand, you must determine what our marketing goals are and what type of content we should post here. Every brand has common goals such as drive more sales through Instagram stories, build brand awareness, boost engagement and gain more followers. For instance, if the goal of your Instagram story is to increase product sales, you will probably add info about your product with a swipe up feature that redirects the users to your site where they can shop your product.

#2: Story Concept: Posting Instagram stories are not something to post without any planning. If you want to get benefits then you need to work what type of stories, we should post to promote our brand on Instagram. Build the concept of your story with a single angle-means it could include new release, product launch, product updates, and press release, etc. that you want to share with your fans. Afterward, you need to find out how you can create the story according to your brand?s goals and angle. For instance, if you are a jewelry brand and want to showcase your new items through the Instagram story with your fans, come up with a great story concept to draw the attention of more people. You can flaunt your new neck pieces to your fans wearing it in different locations.

#3 Story Outline: Next step is creating a story outline. This involves outlining the beginning, middle and end of your Instagram story. Remember that your story flow should be natural and ensure that your story covers all the points. It will also greatly help you with content curation. Rather than try to get inspiration form others, create a storyboard and take the photos what you really want to need for your story.

#4 visually Sketch the Story?s concept: Once you have determined the story outline and concept of your story, now visually sketch out your story?s concept. In this step, you are able to discover how you will convey your message in a great manner, what type of content mix you need and what type of Instagram filters you should use on the imagery to support it. Once you create a great Instagram story, it will help you to gain more views, new followers and drive sales without buying Instagram followers. Hope, this guide will help you to create an impressive story and give you a chance to rock on!

Big Data is the Key to a Brilliant Instagram Marketing Strategy

Big data is making digital marketing more effective than ever. However, you need to know how to incorporate it properly into your campaign. The good news is that there are a number of ways to use AI and machine learning to get the most of big data.

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