Azure Cloud Is Transforming the Way We Run Our Businesses in 2021

Azure Cloud offers many promising opportunities for businesses trying to make major changes.

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Utilizing cloud services is no longer an option for businesses— it is a necessity. In 2021, cloud computing infrastructure will dominate the IT space and take over business cloud services. However, it is important to understand the right cloud computing practices to follow.

The growth experienced by Microsoft Azure is tremendous compared to other providers of cloud services— a whopping 154% YOY growth rate to be specific.

Any rigid business that is hesitant to embrace cloud computing technology is bound to experience great challenges. One of these challenges would be not being able to adjust to market changes dictated by demand as quickly as their competitors.

Although there are many benefits of moving to the cloud, this decision is not without its risks. With Covid-19 still a menace to business operations, companies may find it hard to manage the remoteness of their employee’s workflow. They may also face budgetary issues that would disrupt their operations. On-premise data centers are highly susceptible to cyberattacks as well.

Smart companies are overcoming these challenges by using Microsoft Azure to scale up or down and inspire efficient growth and data security amid the global crisis. Read on to find out how Azure has transformed the operations of these smart businesses in unimaginable ways.

Reduced Costs and Downtime

Companies are experiencing serious reductions in their operational expenditure and overall downtime because of Microsoft Azure. 

For instance, Azure Digital Twins allows companies to create digital models of environments. It is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that promotes the creation of a digital representation of real places, people, things, and business processes. These digital presentations are built from real-time data either in pure form or 3D representations. This is a game-changer in industrial IoT applications.

Have you ever experienced downtime in your business? One small but important component of your business fails, then you have to spend a couple of hours or days trying to trace back and fix it. This would result in delayed or stalled business operations that can seriously hurt your business. It can result in major losses that can be prevented by utilizing Azure.

This is how Azure comes in handy. Every part of that industrial installation is stored in a digital twin. This twin notifies the system operators of a looming failure weeks before the actual failure occurs. It even goes ahead to point out where the failure is going to happen and how to fix it. Various companies are enjoying the ability to have scheduled maintenance.

Apart from reduced operational costs and downtime, every company that is utilizing Azure cloud has its employees finding it easier to learn how their machines work and how to repair or replace the machines. Convenience all the way!

All Essential Services in One Place

Microsoft Azure connects all the business’s key processes services. How nice would it be to host your entire site on the cloud? Think about your user directions, web server, email server, file storage, and virtual networks all in one place!

Microsoft Azure makes it extremely easy to integrate with Microsoft infrastructure that is already available. The beauty is that you can access all the vital tools and services from one central point— the Microsoft Azure portal.

Companies can then monitor their performance from this platform. Additionally, they can assign tasks, add and remove services from their account, set notifications, among other things. Through the Microsoft Azure portal, companies can manage all their cloud resources without any hassle.

Business entities are experiencing revolutionary efficiency and productivity gains. By connecting these key business processes, Microsoft Azure cloud makes it easier for leaders to boost efficiency and productivity. It is easier to identify problems in the production line and fix them before they cause major hiccups. Due to the improved efficiency and productivity, Inmarsat postulates that business entities expect the industrial IoT to increase revenues by $154 million.

Introduction of New Business Models

2021 is an extension of the uncertain times of 2020. The global pandemic saw a paradigm shift in the way customers interact with and use products. Businesses are increasingly using Azure to retrieve information related to consumer behavior.

Information relating to customers and how they use products help improve future design using the different sets of data collected. This both enhances the user’s experience and benefits the business.

Business entities are slowly shifting from the traditional business models to new models that come about as a result of exploring new streams of revenue. One outstanding way this is happening is the offering of subscription-based services, waiving the initial entry costs.

Great Business Insights and Improved Customer Experience

Our companies are gaining insights into their operations since Azure is creating more data streams and gather more data analytics. They also get to monitor the interactions of their customers with their products and services.

The Microsoft Azure platform provides the avenue for companies to monitor this data. It is more efficient compared to third-party data centers. 

One of the main aims of companies is to meet consumer needs, an endeavor that improves the customer experience. Companies in the retail sector have benefited tremendously from the Azure cloud. These business entities thrive in connecting with their customers and making things easier for them. Amazon, for example, is thriving in this data-driven market.

Data Backup and Security

Once you have stored your data on the cloud with Microsoft Azure, it is backed up. These files are only retrievable by their owner, and any other person authorized by the owner of the files. Additionally, you are assured of the safety of your data if a cyberattack occurs or you experience a blackout.

Microsoft Azure has data centers all over the world. You can back up your data securely in any of these locations or languages. You can choose the frequency at which you would like to back up your data.

Azure offers advanced site recovery options that allow users to retain and utilize their data offline. This is good news because your operations will not be interrupted whenever there is a problem.


These are just a few among the plethora of benefits that are enjoyed by companies that have migrated to Azure cloud. There are many other benefits and trends that we can point out. All in all, convenience and efficiency are written all over these companies’ operations.

Azure allows you to improve your customer experience, backup your data across the world, and deploy solutions based on data-driven decisions. It is an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. You can gain insights into your business and find pain points, or inefficiencies and begin fixing them right away.

Start thinking about if Azure Cloud is right for your business, and if you can benefit from all of the features the platform has to offer.

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