Reasons For Transitioning To Cloud Computing In 2020

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Cloud computing has now become a common term that all of us have heard of. However, unfortunately, many of us still don’t understand the complete potential of cloud computing. It is high time for all us to understand how it can make our lives easier. 

Instead of storing data on a computer or hard drive, cloud computing stores programs and data over the internet. In other words, in order to access your data, you must be connected to the internet. In fact, many of us already use cloud computing unknowingly, while listening to our favorite tunes on Spotify or using Google Drive for data storage.  

The flexibility and functionality of cloud computing have already proven to be a lifesaver for businesses. However, cloud computing for a business is entirely different from the personal use of the cloud. Before the implementation of cloud computing, businesses need to choose between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (or PaaS), or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).  In a nutshell, PaaS allows users the freedom to come up with customized applications as per their requirements. On the other hand, SaaS requires users to subscribe to a chosen application. In the case of SaaS, a host that manages the application is also the service provider. 

Common Characteristics of the Cloud:  

Identification of the most common characteristics of cloud is essential for understanding its functions and how it can be used for the storage of data and programs. According to experienced service provider Business Cloud Deals, mentioned below are some of the key characteristic features of the cloud. 

  • On-demand availability is one of the most important features of cloud computing. In simple words, this self-service feature means that the users can complete the process without any assistance from the IT department.  
  • Easy accessibility through a broad network is another essential cloud feature. As a result, users can use different types of devices such as tablets, mobile phones, or laptops to access the required resources. 
  • Multi-tenant resource pooling is yet another useful feature that allows the resources to be shared by multiple users without causing any security issues whatsoever. Therefore, data privacy is maintained. 
  • Cloud computing also allows the users to scale up or down as per their requirements. The service remains unaffected even if a large volume of traffic is exhibited by an application because additional servers will be provided automatically.  

Reasons for Using Cloud in 2020:   

The idea behind using cloud computing is to move the essential resources and systems of a business to a remote server. Although the characteristics discussed above are enough for making this shift, there are several other benefits of cloud computing implementation. 

  • Incredible flexibility is one of the foremost benefits of using cloud computing. Your business will no longer require another program or any additional hardware to accommodate large volumes of data. It also promotes improved employee performance by allowing the entire team to easily access resources and collaborate with each other. It also creates an opportunity for the workers to work from a remote location at their preferred time.  
  • Cloud services are extremely reliable because even if one server is down, it is possible to access data via another server.
  • Easy mobile access is another benefit of migrating to the cloud. This is particularly useful for employees that travel frequently or work from a remote location.
  • Once you move to the cloud, you need not worry about data backup and recovery. Even if your smartphone, tablet, or laptop malfunctions, you are guaranteed to gain access to your valuable business information and resources. Moreover, most of today’s cloud services also have disaster recovery solutions. 
  • Cloud computing also helps protect the environment by reducing electronic waste because you will no longer be using any hardware or physical products. It will also help reduce the amount of paper waste created by your company.

Cloud computing is an important thing to understand and master in 2020. Use these tips to aid the transition.

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