AI Technology is Becoming Essential for App Store Publishers

More App Store publishers are discovering the wonderous benefits of using AI to create quality apps.

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Artificial intelligence technology is becoming more valuable than ever. The market was estimated to be worth over $50 billion by the end of 2020 and is growing around 20% a year. One of the biggest reasons AI is growing in popularity is due to its role in mobile app design.

There are a lot of things that have to be taken into consideration with mobile app design. There are a lot of ASO tips that can help.

Artificial Intelligence technology has brought many significant benefits to countless industries. However, its use in the development of mobile applications is one of the significant changes that brings many great possibilities. Advances in AI have helped app developers offer an exceptional user experience.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used for a growing number of purposes, from chatbots to data analysis and the development of new designs to improve the user experiences. It is clear that the impact of AI on mobile app development and user experience will be more important than ever.

The popularity of digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri has shown how AI can improve interactions with users.

AI is the Future of App Development

AI offers numerous opportunities, many of which have yet to be exploited. One such opportunity is in the mobile application development. App developers are using AI for many purposes, including improving the user experience. For one thing, AI helps improve user engagement by analyzing user behavior. AI also helps solve specific user problems through chatbots. Forecasts suggest that by 2025, the majority of customer interactions will be done with intelligent bots.


Contrary to what many believe, AI does not minimize the need for human design professionals. However, AI helps improve the quality of their designs and ensures they can make more informed decisions. AI also creates a more personalized user experience. One of the ways that it accomplishes this is by recommending products. Machine learning technology also drives localized, context-based user experience.

How to create better applications with AI

App developers need to consider all of the benefits that Artificial Intelligence brings. They must also consider the impact it can have on mobile application development.

First of all, when learning how to incorporate AI into the app design process, it is important to outline goals. One of the benefits of AI is using it to continuously correct mistakes and learn from them, so the app can become more reliable and offer better user experiences over time. In addition, AI tools learn from users’ behavior. By analyzing the various interactions and figuring out what triggers them, an AI-driven design platform understands the reasons behind each user activity.


Finally, AI-enabled tools help conceptualize and develop appropriate solutions to user problems by analyzing the human reasons behind interactions. This makes AI the most competent technology to offer responsive and proactive solutions to these problems.

That is why future mobile applications will be developed around the evolving features of smartphones. These include holographic screens, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, projectors, cameras under the screen without a notch, air gesture systems, solar charging, mobiles integrated into our body.

Everything that seems like something out of a science fiction novel may be just around the corner and will determine the future of mobile applications. As we were saying, the future of mobile applications will be closely linked to the future of the devices themselves, and those who will manage to engage users will make the most of the new technologies that are yet to come.

For example, you could design an app that would be able to define the state of health of your pet by analyzing biometric sensors. It could even automatically contact your veterinarian through a holographic system, sending valuable information for diagnosis.

To become a great mobile application developer in the future, you must be a curious, imaginative and creative person. But you must also be careful. Great ideas must always come hand in hand with the technical knowledge that makes them possible, and that’s where your training and skills come into play.

You will need to put your imagination and creativity to work. You will need to find the resources needed to start the process. Who knows? Maybe the future of mobile applications comes from the hand of one of those ideas that are now in your head and that you will be able to implement by training as an app developer.

Therefore, mobile applications are one of the digital niches where the application of Artificial Intelligence will present greater possibilities in the already present future. The important thing will be to integrate this technology in developing these applications to offer users a positive experience focused on their needs.

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