AI Drives The Inception Of Three Cutting-Edge Smart Home Products

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Artificial intelligence is coming to our homes. A growing number of people use smart devices that are developed with state-of-the-art AI technology.

The market for smart homes is going to rise as new AI advances bring big changes to the industry. One survey from last year found that only 12-16% of homes in the United States are equipped with smart devices. However, this figure is going to skyrocket as AI leads to fascinating new smart devices.

AI is Changing Home Automation is Major Ways

The first smart home network was X10. This network was developed in 1975. It was an interesting conceept but didn’t really take off. The biggest breakthroughs in home automation were conceived during the AI and big data revolution.

Becoming Human wrote an interesting article a year ago about the role of AI in shaping the market for smart homes. Author Abhyuday S. Chauhan said that the market is going to evolve faster than anybody expected. Smart devices will account for 46% of the M2M communications market by 2021. Chauhan cited some reasons that machine learning and AI are driving the market.

One of the biggest reasons that AI is leading the smart home device market is that these devices can be better used to serve customers. Thermostats can get a better understanding of the desires of their residents, as well as external factors that influence temperatures. This enables them to adjust their own settings automatically, which is both more convenient and more energy efficient.

Devices that Are Born in the Age of AI

Right now, smart home automation is all the rage. There are a number of products on the market that can improve the daily functions of your home, including everything from smart cameras and security systems to smart thermostats, light fixtures, and more. Some smart home products are more useful than others, of course, so you’ll have to get to know what’s out there and find what you need for your home upgrades.

While any home automation upgrade is going to be a smart move, some offer bigger savings or other benefits. The purpose of your home automation will also impact which devices or systems are most important. If you can’t afford to fully upgrade your home or are just looking to try out a few smart home devices, here are a few that you can’t pass up.

Smart Thermostats

Beyond convenience, energy savings are a primary consideration for those investing in home automation products. Smart thermostats offer both. You can choose thermostats that include smart features like automated remote system control, built-in Wi-Fi for connectivity, and voice-activated controls. Some products even include a remote sensor so that you can adjust the temperature in your home based on any room, regardless of where the thermostat is located. A number of smart thermostats are approved by EnergyStar and can save up to 15% on energy savings.

Smart thermostats are all designed to work with various personal assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Some models will work with any service while others only work with specific services or devices. Some models include their own built-in voice assistance. Features vary from one device to the next, with plenty of options for all price ranges.

Smart Lighting and Outlets

Smart lighting is a huge category because it comes in many forms. However, it is also one of the most basic options for those looking to upgrade to smart home products. As a result, the market for smart lighting is expected to grow 1,100% over the next five years. Smart lighting is available in the following forms:

  • Smart light bulbs
  • Smart light fixtures
  • Smart switches and outlets

The bonus with an outlet is that not only does it create smart lighting, but it can turn any device that is plugged into it a smart device. Smart lights are available for indoor and outdoor use and may or may not include a special hub for managing the lighting controls. You can buy these one or two at a time, which makes them ideal for affordable smart home upgrades when you can’t afford to overhaul the entire house at once.

Smart Security Cameras

As the demand for home security increases, the cost of things like surveillance cameras and systems are going to continue to drop due to increased competition in the market. Right now, smart home security cameras are more affordable than ever before. People can purchase specialty doorbell cameras like the Ring system or invest in traditional security cameras that include WIFI, cloud storage, remote smartphone management, and other features.

AI Generates Strong Market for Smart Devices

Artificial intelligence is a leading factor in the growing smart home market. These are three of the most popular smart home products on the market today. Not only are they full of innovative features that increase the convenience and safety of your home, but they can make life much more comfortable and peaceful. If you’re thinking of automation, start here.

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