AI Streamlines Content Curation Strategies In Digital Marketing

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Content marketing has evolved considerably over the past decade. Marketers are constantly searching for new strategies to scale content production without compromising the quality of their branding efforts. One approach they have taken is investing more heavily in content curation. Artificial intelligence has helped make contact curation much more effective.

What is content curation and how does artificial intelligence improve its ROI?

There are a number of ways to use content to expand brand reach and generate sales. One option is to use existing content from other sources as an alternative to generating your own. You can either aggregate the content in its existing form or make some small alterations to repurpose it. You know why is market research important? However, there are some challenges with content curation that marketers must overcome:

  • You must carefully adhere to all applicable copyright laws. Some sources that you may aggregate content from will let you do so freely with few or no restrictions. Others strictly enforce their intellectual property rights and don?t allow syndication even with proper attribution.
  • It is very important to make sure that the content you curate carefully aligns with your branding message. Many marketers use content scraping tools that search for fresh content based on keyword relevance. The problem is that the content that matches certain keywords might not be relevant to the niche in general. Some writers use keywords from an unrelated niche to curate an article that draws parallels to their own industry. They might also be people that have negative things to say about your industry in general. For example, a payday loan company wouldn?t want to curate content from a website that talks about debt reduction strategies, since the content would probably alienate their customers. This means that you might unintentionally curate content that is off-topic or inappropriate to your message.
  • You often need to make some tweaks to the content you are curating to make sure that it resonates with your target audience. This can involve editing samples of text and adding high-quality, relevant images.

Artificial intelligence has helped solve many of these challenges. Here are some reasons that more marketers are turning to AI to improve the quality of their content curation strategies:

  • Artificial intelligence algorithms make it easier for companies to find content to syndicate. They use similar machine learning algorithms to Google, which are able to draw better insights into the contextual relevance of content.
  • They are able to find sources of content that were previously difficult to identify. Deep data mining tools give them access to content that might not even be indexed by Google.
  • Artificial intelligence tools streamline the process of editing content to make sure that it is properly presented to your target audience.

Here are some content curation tools that rely on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms.


PDFElement is a very versatile PDF solution. It can handle everything from compressing, editing and merging documents. You can use this tool to seamlessly create multiple PDFs for your content curation strategy. People that reviewed the software on Captera, G2Crowd and other sites have given very positive feedback. They have stated that the software is very affordable compared to other PDF converters in its class. Many have used it to create marketing materials in PowerPoint and said that it worked very well. It seamlessly takes PDF pages and turns them into great PowerPoint slides. The tool uses machine learning to make very well informed assumptions about the content structure of PDF documents, so it is properly translated into the new file. This has proven to be very effective, due to the advanced data driven algorithms behind it.

Local Business Extractor

Local business extractor is a web scraping tool that marketers can use to find thousands of different websites in their niche. It uses patent protected artificial intelligence technology to identify relevant sites based on a variety of parameters. Unlike older web scraping tools, this application has machine learning capabilities that help it determine the relevance of the sites in question. This is useful for marketers doing content syndication, because many of these websites have blogs that they can curate content from. They can also compile a list of over 9,000 local news websites that help them find recent content in their industry.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a tool that just makes it easier to create PDF documents. It is a cheap alternative to Adobe Acrobat. This tool is great if you need to curate content in the form of PDFs.

iSkySoft PDF Converter Pro

This tool is like Nitro Pro, except that it works in reverse. It allows you to easily take PDF documents and convert them into Word, Excel or other files. It is a great tool for marketers trying to curate content that they have found from PDF documents. You can even make subtle changes to the document after converting it to Word before using Nitro Pro to revert it back to PDF.


MyCurator is a very popular content curation tool for WordPress users. This tool uses sophisticated data mining algorithms to extract massive amounts of content across the Internet and filters it by relevance with equally advanced artificial intelligence technology. It is a great tool for helping marketers find relevant blog articles, videos and other types of content to curate.

Final Thoughts: Curating Content is Better with Artificial Intelligence

Content curation is a great way to expand brand reach. Artificial intelligence has offered many benefits. There are a number of tools that harness the power of AI to curate content more effectively.

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